Totem poles, important signage elements

The main purpose of signage is to guide and inform passers-by around a community or site. Now present in our everyday urban spaces, they can be used to transmit clear, precise information. Informing, but also signposting, orienting and locating, urban information totems meet a number of objectives. They can be placed on a site to prevent access to certain areas.

These street furniture elements need to be both striking and innovative, while retaining a dynamic design. Often used in outdoor spaces to indicate the presence of establishments, signage products can also find their place indoors, in this case to guide customers as they move around. Rely on Polymobyl, a company specializing in the creation of distinctive street furniture, to produce all your signage.

Polymobyl creates informative materials with an original design

At Polymobyl, we can produce all your signage materials. We design urban display columns in the purest shapes and colors of your choice. Our team of designers and graphic artists puts visuals first, adapting to your content and expectations.

Polymobyl guarantees furniture customized to your space, and tailors every product to your requirements. At our company, urban information media can be printed using direct digital printing, laminated digital printing, screen printing or laser cutting. Whatever your choices, you’ll stay in touch with our project managers throughout the creative process, and we’ll work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, our directional and information gantries all have a unique and original design. Our designers make a point of maintaining an attractive, playful look to attract your customers to these information points.

A dedicated team to meet your every need

Polymobyl, your designer and manufacturer of street furniture, strives to comply with current standards in the production of all its products. In addition, we adopt an eco-responsible approach throughout the entire process of creating our information media.

Each of our products is designed with your site in mind. In this way, we not only adapt to your region and its climatic hazards, but we also strive to manufacture sturdy street furniture to combat possible acts of vandalism.

Signpost and inform your site’s customers with signs that combine design, sturdiness and functionality. Thanks to the technical skills of our team members, we have a good knowledge of the materials we use and are able to offer you the best equipment, to guarantee that your street furniture will stand the test of time. Polymobyl is also committed to completing all your projects on time and on budget.

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