The need for a complete signage study prior to any development project

The aim of a signage study is to define the problems posed by the layout of an area, and to resolve them using appropriate tools. Polymobyl offers you its methodology and its range of products adapted to your project. A la carte, an enhancement of the area and a better appropriation of it by users.

Polymobyl, an experienced company in signage projects

With over 35 years’ experience in the field of signage,Polymobyl offers solutions tailored to all your project’s constraints. We rely on a multi-disciplinary team of graphic artists, designers and conceptors, who favor a global approach to space planning. This guarantees you complete control at every stage of your project, within budget and on time.

As a means of visual communication, urban signage – whether functional, organizational or directional – must meet certain objectives. They can provide information on traffic routes, issue authorizations, recommendations or bans, or provide information on the area’s tourist and commercial attractions.

As a signage designer, Polymobyl understands the issues and challenges involved in a development project. Together, and depending on your requirements, we can optimize existing media or create new ones. Rethinking traffic flow, making information more legible, choosing signage dimensions and finishes to improve the user experience, we provide you with a turnkey, tailor-made installation.

The steps in a signal analysis by Polymobyl

Since our creation, we’ve developed a precise methodology for carrying out signage projects for numerous institutions, local authorities and businesses. Several Airports, universities, hospitals, cities, natural areas, ski resorts, have already entrusted us with the design of effective signage.

Each territory is unique and has its own constraints, which is why our design office provides unique, tailor-made solutions for your project.

Our main areas of expertise

* Signage for interpreting natural areas

* Signage  Tourist, Urban & Commercial

*  Signage Infrastructure, Business  Zone d’activités & de  Buildings 



A preliminary audit is carried out to better understand the challenges facing your space, based on existing documentation or on-site visits. A detailed, costed report is then sent to you.


Master plan

The next step is to draw up a master plan, analyzing the various flows and identifying on-site locations and their constraints.


Design/Graphic charter

In the design phase, we work with our team to define the visual identity that will become your site’s brand image. Legibility and functionality are essential features of graphic design.



We’ll help you define your specifications, which include the technical features of the media to be designed.

Right through to installation, we demonstrate the professionalism that characterizes each and every one of our services.


Signage is more than just the materials themselves. It must adapt to the space in which it is installed. Each case is unique. Our graphic designers will help you create a customized graphic charter for your site or building (museum, hospital, airport, sensitive natural area, university, mountain resort….).

Depending on the site, it’s also a scenography, a journey that invites visitors to discover a site, a landscape, a heritage. and slow down their pace to see its main assets.
Polymobyl integrates this service into its interventions. Together, we work to find a common thread, choose themes, formalize the editorial content and select the illustrations that will decorate the display. Graphic design must be at the service of the project to make it an original cultural and educational offer (interpretation trail).

The choice of media (static or interactive with games, for example) must be designed to be consistent with the content and graphics. Furnishings must help to highlight messages.
Durability of materials, quality of prints, integration into the website…. Polymobyl’s work must take into account accessibility and location constraints, in order to adapt the dimensions of the supports.

The combination of interpretive furniture and urban or artistic furniture reinforces the spirit of a place and makes the visitor an active participant in its discovery. Awakening the senses, arousing emotions and eliciting reactions remain the key words of successful design, Polymobyl’s leitmotiv for each new project.

Catalog lines

Design is also one of our major concerns, and we pay particular attention to the aesthetics of our products. The lines in our signage catalog – HOBBY, EASY, WOODY – each have their own strengths to bring your project to fruition. Integrated into their environment and finished to the highest standards, they bear witness to our professionalism and perfect knowledge of materials and ergonomics.

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