Choose custom-made street furniture with Polymobyl

As a manufacturer of street furniture for over 35 years, Polymobyl doesn’t just provide you with a catalog of functional, contemporary designs: we also offer you a range of custom-made street furniture.

Find out more about our philosophy and how we work…

Tailor-made fittings for all your street furniture

Founded in 1986, Polymobyl is located in La Tour de Salvagny, not far from Lyon. As a designer of top-of-the-range street furniture, our multi-disciplinary team brings together all the skills needed to design and distribute street furniture for local authorities and contractors.

This mastery of the supply chain enables us to offer you a truly comprehensive service: from the initial design drawings to the installation of the equipment, we remain at your service to guarantee an impeccable result, in line with your wishes in every respect, and taking into account the environment and the environment.urban planning as a whole.

A personalized audit to make the right choices

Polymobyl adapts to its customers’ desires, while advising them on how to respect space, budget and environmental constraints.

So we won’t recommend the same materials for an indoor or outdoor urban installation. In the latter case, it’s essential to choose materials (metal, wood…) capable of withstanding the elements, humidity and damage.

Likewise, we will always ensure that the furniture we propose fits harmoniously into its environment, both in terms of layout (location, positioning) and style.

Whether you already have a precise idea of what you want (type of furniture, style, materials…) or not, Polymobyl offers you a tailor-made audit to better define your needs and draw up specifications within your budget. We systematically visit the site to identify any inherent constraints and make sure we haven’t forgotten anything.

This stage is essential to get off to a good start before the actual design.

Design and implementation: how does it work?

Polymobyl offers two types of customized services for street furniture design: a complete service, including design, manufacture and installation of the furniture, and a complete study for architectural firms already working with a customer.

In the first case, Polymobyl will take care of every step, from design to delivery of the final product in the field.

Our graphic designers specialize in design, guaranteeing you a contemporary, trendy design that will stand the test of time, while our technicians will create solid, durable furniture.

Finally, we install the equipment on site, taking care to leave a minimal ecological footprint.

Throughout the implementation process, you’ll benefit from tailor-made follow-up with a dedicated contact person who has a thorough understanding of your project. In this way, we ensure that our services meet your expectations from start to finish.
Polymobyl has carried out numerous urban development projects for local authorities (universities, schools, town halls, railway stations, etc.) and businesses (shopping centers, hotels, etc.). You’ll find many examples of our work on our website.

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