Bicycle sheds

Custom-built or modular bicycle shelters combining design and functionality

As a manufacturer of street furniture with recognized expertise, Polymobyl offers companies and local authorities a range of
urban shelters
designed to meet every need.

Bicycle shelters play a key role in this: versatile, they protect bicycles from the elements, but also provide shelter for users waiting for the bus or wishing to rest in the shade for a while.

Here we present our customized street furniture design solution for a unique result, as well as the modular, customizable models in our catalog.

Bicycle shelters: the benefits of a multi-purpose facility

As urban communities take more and more eco-responsible initiatives, the installation ofbike shelters metal shelters in public spaces is a major challenge. Ensuring that users can easily find a pay station encourages citizens to give preference to bicycles whenever possible for getting around town.

In the private sector, it’s also a real plus: many employees can get to work by bike… but only if solutions are available on company premises. Bollards outside the building make it easy to get around, and a shelter means that two-wheelers can be left out in the open all day, even in stormy weather.

Beyond this first function, these open bike shelters can also be adapted to other needs. In a park or public garden, they will not only enable walkers to attach their bikes for a walk, but also to take a break in the shade in an area exposed to the sun, or to enjoy a moment away from other users, to make a call, rest or even smoke. In this case, they can be fitted with a bench seat for several people.

The same applies to the city center, where the structure can also be used as a bus shelter and passenger shelter. Several needs are met simultaneously:

park your bike and protect it from the elements
wait comfortably for the bus
shelter from the elements or the sun in spaces with no other place to go
smoke a cigarette away from the crowd or out of the rain

To encourage users to turn to it while enhancing your space, the shelter needs to be easily identified, but also offer real comfort and a pleasing aesthetic to create the most user-friendly space possible. Finally, for temporary shelters or easier installation in the absence of a concrete slab, Polymobyl also offers self-supporting, movable bike shelters.

Polymobyl takes all these essential elements into account to ensure the success of your projects.

Customized design to enhance your space

In addition to its practicality, street furniture is also a powerful communication tool, both for local authorities and for private spaces.

At the heart of the city and users’ daily lives, it reflects your values and brand image. So it’s important to choose the right design.

And what better way to do this than to call on a specialist for a made-to-measure ATV shelter?

With over 35 years’ experience in the design of urban furniture, our company brings together a multi-skilled team (designers, graphic artists, project managers…) who will put their expertise to work on your development project.

After an initial meeting to better understand your needs and expectations, we’ll carry out an on-site audit to take into account existing solutions, the rest of your urban equipment and the various space-related constraints.

We will then be able to submit a costed action plan with our recommendations. Our aim is to offer you the most appropriate solution, with a clear understanding of the resources involved, but above all to provide you with equipment that will blend harmoniously into your space.

Once this first step has been validated, our team of urban designers gets to work, providing you with detailed plans and drawings. We validate each point with you and advise you on dimensions, materials, colors, shapes or even the type of cut.

Once your outdoor bike shelter has been manufactured, we install it on site.

The result is a turnkey solution with a unique rendering that sets you apart.


Polymobyl’s shelters and bike racks are eligible for the Alvéole Plus program, which enables local authorities to fundlectivities of urban cycle shelters on file. Click on the image for more information on the official Alvéole website. We are also partners in the Objectif Employeur Pro-Vélowhich enables employers in the private, public and voluntary sectors to obtain subsidies for their equipment.

The Polymobyl catalog: modular structures

Last but not least, we offer different product lines in our street furniture catalog.

For a bike shelter that’s both functional and elegant, Polymobyl offers a range of modular, customizable models.

bike/motorcycle shelters
are equipped with two-wheel bollards, while the NUT and PUR passenger shelters already have a bench and can be fitted with a suitable number of bollards.

Above all, our products are modular: length and width can be doubled as required.

Customizable, they can be opened or closed from side to side, with customizable walls. LED lighting can also be added.

We use only sustainable, recyclable materials (larch wood, steel, tempered glass), giving our professional bike shelters strength and elegance.

The 25°&Cie 2-wheel shelters will fit in easily with a park, beach or rural environment, while the PUR range will fit in with all types of urban spaces. We also offer charging stations for electric bikes and bike lockers.

Need a quote for an urban bike shelter? Any questions? Polymobyl is at your service on 04 82 29 13 90. We look forward to seeing your project!

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