Litter garbage cans

Litter garbage cans, essential for a healthy environment

Essential to the protection of the urban environment, street furniture plays a vital role in keeping communities clean. Polymobyl can help you find the ideal solutions for all your sites.

Because increasing the number of litter garbage cans means raising residents’ awareness of the need for cleanliness, we encourage you to choose the perfect urban litter garbage cans for your city’s landscaping and promote an ecological approach to your urban space.

Litter garbage cans are an essential part of every public space, especially in high-traffic areas. Choose structures in harmony with the spaces in which they will be placed. The wood-slat models are perfect for natural, green spaces. Because a city’s cleanliness plays a major role in its attractiveness, we can help you take action to optimize urban waste collection and preserve a beautiful public space.

Polymobyl urban design garbage cans

Polymobyl offers a range of outdoor waste garbage cans in metal or wooden designs. Choose the one that best matches your site’s image. We offer a range of models in a variety of sizes and styles.

Our company is committed to satisfying your needs by creating custom-made street furniture. From color to shape to capacity, the design of your urban equipment is entirely up to you. At Polymobyl, we offer you the possibility of customizing your litter bollard with a motif that reflects the image of your site or community. Our team puts all its know-how to work to bring you urban waste garbage cans with a sophisticated, discreet and original design.

Our equipment will blend seamlessly into your urban spaces, to the delight of all. Cylindrical or square, you’ll find the perfect products to dress up your public spaces in our selection. Rely on our team of street furniture specialists to carry out your street furniture project.

Functional litter bins

Our line of public litter garbage cans combines modernity in its sleek design with functionality in its many options. Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, our litter garbage cans are available in a wide range of versions to perfectly match your space.

We offer the option of a cigarette extinguisher to catch ashes and cigarette butts, or an inner bin to hide bags and garbage. Our litter bins are also available as vigipirate garbage cans or vigipirate litter baskets. We make sure to design them in such a way that they are easy to spot for users and practical for the people who maintain them on a daily basis.

Our company makes it a point of honor to design equipment that is resistant to the vagaries of the weather, wear and tear, and vandalism. Ensure long-term urban cleanliness with our street furniture solutions: litter garbage cans, public litter garbage cans or urban litter garbage cans. Throw away, sort, clean and keep your urban spaces clean by calling on our specialist street furniture team.

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