With Polymobyl, choose custom signage created by an expert

As a key communication tool in any space, signage requires special attention, starting with the project design phase. Polymobyl offers customized signage solutions to guide users around your premises and enhance their value.

Polymobyl provides the right signage for every project

As a signage company, Polymobyl offers you customized communication media for your outdoor and indoor projects. After carrying out a complete study of your project’s challenges, we develop functional, design-oriented equipment as part of a genuine communication strategy.

Signage serves many purposes, but its primary aim is to orient the public in a given area. The layout of the latter is designed to meet specific constraints, which users may find difficult to decipher without guidance. Of course, the choice of substrates depends on whether they are to be used indoors or outdoors.

Interior signage

Essential for orienting users, interior signage deserves special attention. It needs to be efficient to guide you smoothly through unfamiliar surroundings, without being overly present to serve the building it serves.

With over 35 years’ experience, Polymobyl is a leading expert in the world of interior signage, particularly for railway stations and airports, hospitals, theaters, universities, not forgetting hotels, tertiary services and shopping centers.

Polymobyl is thus able to take a global view of different sites and architectural spaces, to optimize the orientation of flows. Messages need to be clear and intelligible, so as to keep the path to the finish line clear, while respecting the site’s vocation. To achieve this goal, Polymobyl has a methodology which it scrupulously respects.

Outdoor signage

Outdoor signage plays a key role in the design of a site. It must be visible from afar, with a coherent visual charter adapted to the site. Polymobyl has extensive experience in outdoor signage. Depending on the customer’s wishes, and after taking into account location constraints (visibility, accessibility, safety, etc.), we can propose scenarios for the realization of global signage.

We have a perfect understanding of the external constraints to be taken into account: weather conditions, risk of vandalism, risk of deterioration over time, need to update information….The sites that have entrusted us with the study and/or the creating their outdoor signage are varied : natural sites, tourist sites, industrial sites, mountain resorts, cities, business parks, amusement parks…

Signage and graphic design: the keys to customized layouts

Because each territory has its own aesthetic, architectural or structural constraints, Polymobyl puts its expertise at your disposal to offer you customized signage. The signage study phase of your project is essential to determine the issues at stake and develop an appropriate communication strategy. The aim is to design a signage solution that reconciles different functions: directing, identifying and informing. It’s upstream that the major decisions are taken, which will enhance the value of your urban or private space thanks to the furniture and graphics you choose.

Our multi-disciplinary team of graphic artists, designers and conceptors use their knowledge of materials and know-how to create a line of products tailored to your needs. Aesthetics, product durability, resistance to vandalism and the vagaries of the weather are just some of the factors that will influence your choices.

Another essential step in signage design is the creation of a coherent visual charter, revealing a guiding principle for your signage. The more uniform the lettering, pictograms and colors, the greater the impact. At the end of this process, we’ll propose top-of-the-range information media that will give your brand image its full force.

Last but not least, we can also install your urban signage, for a high-quality turnkey service.

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