Entrust your design project to Polymobyl, signage company

From project design to installation, trust Polymobyl, the signage company. We put the knowledge and skills of our multi-disciplinary team of project managers, signage graphic artists and designers at your disposal to create effective, aesthetically pleasing signage.

How does the signage manufacturer go about producing the equipment?

As an experienced signage designer, Polymobyl leaves nothing to chance in the various stages of its equipment production. In addition to defining an effective communication strategy, our signage agency stands out for the design of its signage materials, to which we pay particular attention.

First, we’ll carry out a signage study to determine your area’s strengths and weaknesses, and the solutions needed to optimize your signage. To make the most of it, we’ll think about the message to be conveyed to users, the functionalities of the supports and the definition of an aesthetic and coherent graphic charter for customized signage.

Thanks to our knowledge of materials, we’ll determine which are best suited to your signage project, taking into account factors such as existing architecture, climatic constraints, vandalism or ease of maintenance. We can offer you customized signage from our reference catalog.

Last but not least, our signage company ‘s graphics team will bring your brand image to life, with color coding, striking lettering and pictograms.

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Why choose Polymobyl to manufacture your signage?

Signage meets a number of objectives, and together we’ll take an in-depth look at the challenges and constraints of your territory, to offer you a tailor-made development solution.

Thanks to signage, users can find their way around a space, have certain actions authorized or prohibited, and obtain answers to questions they may have: in other words, they can better appropriate an exterior or interior territory. A signage company since 1986, Polymobyl has designed equipment to guide users and provide essential information.

Signage is also important, as it determines the brand image of your company or community. It’s therefore essential to design a uniform graphic charter, to give particular importance to continuity along a route, and to the choice of materials used for the equipment. They have to adapt to their environment, and their size will vary according to the size of the territory. We prefer masts, flags and large totems for large spaces, and small totems, floor stickers and wall plaques for smaller areas.

We’ll also carry out a study before any custom sign is made. This will cover the information to be made available to the public, which must be legible and understandable by as many people as possible. The analysis of directional, informational and interpretive signage is therefore a major phase in the development project.

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