Design and manufacture of signage for local authorities and businesses

For visual communication to achieve its objectives, the manufacture of signage must meet a number of requirements. Signage must be clear, reflect the client’s image and values, and be of real use to users. These are just some of the reasons why you should entrust the creation of your signage to a team of experts!

Discover the services of Polymobyl, a multidisciplinary and professional team at your service.

A high-performance, versatile signage company

Our design office brings together designers, graphic artists and copywriters, under the guidance of project managers who understand the challenges and constraints of signage design.

From the initial audit to the implementation of the various media, Polymobyl accompanies you step by step in the creation of effective and aesthetically pleasing visual communication.

We work on behalf of local authorities, public facilities (hospitals, airports, railway stations, educational establishments, etc.) and private-sector companies. Since 1987, our talented team has been putting its know-how to work to meet your signage needs: discover our strengths and our approach.

Your signage agency's guarantees

We do more than just sell communication media. Polymobyl offers you a true partnership to ensure that your signage precisely meets the needs of the site, company or event concerned.

When you entrust us with a signage project, we see it as a means of :

  • enhance the environment in which the various supports will be integrated, by choosing appropriate materials and styles
  • make it easier for users to use the premises or to understand how the premises are organized, by providing guidance
  • convey an image and values consistent with your own
  • create a totally unique and personalized graphic charter, but above all one that is easy to read and understand
  • install carefully-designed brackets made from high-quality, durable and easy-to-maintain materials

Customized support for your signage project

As soon as we make contact, Polymobyl offers you an on-site assessment. This gives us an idea of the existing signage, the constraints and assets of the site, your objectives and needs… Following this audit, our design office works on a first draft which we submit to you. This is a detailed, costed plan for your visual communication. It includes recommendations from our experts, based on the specifics of your project. After discussion and adjustments if necessary, we begin the graphic design and manufacture of your signage. Finally, we coordinate the installation work on site.

Throughout our collaboration, we remain available and ready to listen to you, to design signage that meets your exact expectations, in terms of quality, design and budget. Renowned structures such as the Paul Ricard circuit, Nice airport and the town of Orléans have already called on Polymobyl to redesign or create their signage. Don’t hesitate to follow in their footsteps!

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