To help you find your way around, Polymobyl provides effective signage

Every day, around your home and in your community, you’re confronted with signs and totems showing you the way. This outdoor signage equipment plays a vital role in the safety of your environment. Behind this street furniture, a great deal of thought goes into the day-to-day work carried out by teams like ours.

Polymobyl is a signage agency with a multidisciplinary team of designers, graphic artists and project managers who work closely together on a wide range of technical studies. Thanks to our expertise in signage design and creation, our professionalism and our know-how, we’re committed to taking into account all the issues that impact any project.

We know that the design and creation of informative and directional media (such as directional signs or directional arrows) is one of the key issues for local authorities and urban spaces, which is why we present several product lines tailored to your needs and constraints.

Design your urban information media with Polymobyl

Signage products are among the visual communication media used to convey messages. In the interests of longevity and the image of your town or urban site, it’s vital that these elements are designed using high-quality materials. Once completed, our products can be affixed to walls, floors or your site to inform, guide and facilitate orientation and movement for passers-by.

The information media provide authorizations and recommendations, but also prohibit actions. They guide residents or customers to the destination you define. As a signage designer, Polymobyl offers you several types of customized signage products, manufactured after analyzing your budget and specifications. We also make a point of respecting your city’s heritage and tourism.

A wide selection of products designed with you in mind

The high-quality information media we offer are the result of our expertise and know-how as a signage manufacturer, acquired over the years with our many employees. We work with a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel and wood.

We take care of diagnosing your project, signage design, packaging, delivery, maintenance and warranty of the various products, as well as printing your products and installing your urban or city signage in the locations of your choice. We act according to your preferences, offering you direct digital printing on all the media of your choice, or laminated printing, ideal for ensuring that your message lasts over time.

Finally, if you want a faithful rendering of all your visuals, silkscreen printing is the best choice for your signage design. We also offer the option of laser-cutting your artwork. To help you make the right choice, take a look at our full range of urban signage products. You’ll find desks, panels, milestones and totems, as well as reading tables.

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