Street furniture

LUDMetallic, playful and colorful furniture
NUTWooden furniture differently
CUBContemporary & ultra trendy furniture
PURClean, elegant & simple furniture
TUBThe tube in all its forms
25° & Cie

Polymobyl: Your partner in quality street furniture

Welcome to Polymobyl, your expert in quality street furniture to create elegant and functional public spaces. If you are looking for tailor-made solutions for urban planning, you have come to the right place.

Discover how our company designs, manufactures and installs original and durable urban furniture to meet the needs of local authorities, businesses and specifiers.

A tailor-made urban furniture creation

At Polymobyl, we believe that urban planning represents a major challenge for both public and private stakeholders. For this reason, our street furniture creations are a reflection of our commitment to our customers. They combine design, functionality and robustness to enhance your space for as long as possible.

For their design, we favor durable materials such as galvanized steel, wood, plexiglass and Securit glass in order to offer elegant and modern product ranges perfectly suited to use in public spaces. Our furniture is both easy to maintain, weather resistant and made up of elements that are easily replaceable in the event of damage.

We also anticipate design trends by offering you models with clean lines with airy structures for contemporary urban furniture that integrates perfectly into its environment.

Above all, we specialize in tailor-made products: our team made up of project managers, designers, graphic designers and technicians carries out a tailor-made study in order to find a unique solution to your requirements. In this way, you have the guarantee that the furniture obtained will highlight your space and reflect your values while providing a practical response to the needs of users.

A complete street furniture catalog

Our product catalog includes a wide variety of furniture to meet the needs of all urban spaces. Whether you are looking for tables, benches, benches, bus shelters, parking areas for bicycles, pergolas, or even cleanliness and comfort equipment such as trash cans and charging stations for electric bicycles, Polymobyl has what you need.

Our street furniture ranges each have their own identity and are intended to be complete so that their different elements can easily be combined with each other to create a pleasant layout.

For example, the elements of the LUD range are made of laser-cut colored steel sheets, while NUT and CUB favor solid wood and TUB offers tubular steel elements. 25° & Cie, for its part, is a fully modular range combining natural wood, glass and steel.

Personalized urban planning

When you choose Polymobyl as a partner for your urban development projects, you benefit from a turnkey service. Our process includes an initial audit to understand your needs, the design of a tailor-made project, and a step-by-step validation with the client.

Our teams of experts also ensure installation on site while respecting the planned layout. With more than 37 years of experience alongside professionals and local authorities, we have contributed to numerous projects, some of which you can discover in the section Productions from our site.

By choosing Polymobyl, you are choosing quality and durability for all your urban development projects. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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