Méridienne 25°&Cie

Reference : 25°/CAN-1

Line: 25°&Cie

The benefits

Sunbathing has never been so pleasant with our 25°&Cie Sunbathing Baths! These 1 or 2-seater sunbeds are perfect for terraces, urban spaces and seasides.

Other colors on request

Product details

Technical specifications

Steel S235, polyzinc treatment (galvanized steel on request), douglass wood species with colorless saturator.

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Floor-mounted with 4 Ø16mm holes for M12 dowels (not supplied).

The metal parts are joined to the wood using RAL 7016 hinged screws with Phillips head.

Accessories and options

Choose the look, feel and refinement of oak, chestnut or any other wood species of your choice.

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