Bicycle shelter, movable on frame

Reference : ABC-DPL

Line: 25°&Cie

The benefits

The freestanding shelter, delivered on the floor, can be moved quickly and used immediately! Flooring is the ideal solution for making a carport stable and mobile. The shelter is transportable on its floor, and can be moved and loaded onto a truck using a forklift. It eliminates the need for a complex concrete slab or allows installation on a temporary site. Our bicycle shelters are eligible for the Alvéole Plus and Objectif Pro Employeur supported by the Fédération française des Usagers de la Bicyclette (FUB). This financial aid is available to local authorities, associations and private individuals. companies deploying bicycle parking facilities.  

Product details

Technical specifications

Aluminium profile frame section 80×80 mm lacquered RAL dark grey 7016

Composite aluminum cover in gray Ral 7016 or white.

Choice of wood cladding, 8mm safety glass, transparent polycarbonate, composite aluminium.

Wood cladding on underside

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The adaptation of bicycle terminals is planned.

2x2m module for 4 bikes

2x3m module for 6 bikes

This self-supporting shelter solution is also available for other shelter uses (bus shelters, container shelters, kiosks, etc.).

The steel floor can be installed on all types of terrain, thanks to height-adjustable jacks that allow you to compensate for uneven ground.

With a galvanized steel profile structure, the floor is fitted with either galvanized anti-slip sheets or a wooden floor. Bicycle shelters are equipped with an access ramp.

Accessories and options

Our bike shelters are fully customizable and can be fitted with a range of accessories to enhance comfort and safety:

Lighting: we offer stand-alone or mains-connected LED lighting systems with motion detectors.
Locking: we install a choice of locking systems, including padlocks, mechanical keypads and magnetic locks with RFID badges,
Comfort: bike rack, roof cap…
Planting: each shelter can be fitted with matching planters which, in addition to their decorative value, provide additional ballast.
Self-supporting frames: our shelters can be fitted with galvanized steel self-supporting frames when ground anchoring is not possible, or when the shelter needs to be moved. This equipment is available in modules of 2 to 3 meters.

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