Why use a graphic designer for your signage?

Polymobyl specializes in visual communications and graphic design, in France and Morocco. Our job is to design media adapted to your users and your objectives (information, orientation…), while enhancing the site.

Discover the benefits of working with a graphic designer for your signage.

Signage and visual identity: an inseparable duo

As a
signage company
Polymobyl combines a design office with manufacturing facilities in France, near Lyon. This enables us to offer comprehensive services to our professional and public sector customers.

Whether directional, functional or organizational, a site’s signage must meet a number of challenges, in particular :

  • adapt to the visual and graphic environment of the site;
  • meet the needs of targeted users (motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, business customers or tourists, PRM, etc.);
  • be of interest to the public and have a real impact in terms of the site’s identity;
  • blend into the architectural or natural environment and immerse visitors;
  • convey the brand image of the company or town to the public.

Polymobyl: from graphic design advice to signage installation

Our graphic design department is a partner in your signage project. With over 25 years’ experience, we can advise you in all areas: creation of a graphic charter, choice of media, fonts and visuals, dimensions, associated furniture, installation height according to the target audience…

Our multidisciplinary team provides complementary services to create your customized signage and graphics project. The key is to enhance the value of the site or facility, and make it more user-friendly.

Our catalog

Polymobyl also offers a complete catalog of products for signage signage and graphic design and graphic design: marker nails and milestones, directional arrows and masts, free-standing panels, wall plaques, interpretation desks and tables, totems…

A signage agency at your side for the success of your projects

The first step in our work is to audit the site. This operation enables us to assess the assets and constraints of the location to be signposted. Then we discuss your expectations: do you want to inform or direct the public? Is the signage indoor, outdoor or mixed? Do you already have a logo, or even a graphic charter? Based on these different elements, Polymobyl will design your signage project à la carte. Our design office will provide you with a costed action plan, accompanied by sketches, 2D and 3D drawings, product datasheets… The aim is to enable you to take ownership of the project and visualize the final result. Once all the design and customization stages have been validated together, we move on to the manufacturing phase in our workshops near Lyon. Last but not least, we can install and fix your signage. For a turnkey signage and layout project, contact Polymobyl.
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