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For all your interior and exterior design projects, trust Polymobyl, signage manufacturer. Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of our multi-disciplinary signage team, we can manage every stage, from design to installation.

Polymobyl, manufacturer of exterior and interior signage

As an experienced signage designer, Polymobyl can support you at every stage of your development project, after considering the challenges and constraints of your territory.

To orientate users within a space, to enable them to make the place their own, to enhance the value of a site, to authorize, recommend or prohibit an action… the functions of signage are numerous, and it can be installed both outside and inside a site.

Signage is the first thing a user sees, so it must give a positive image of the site. Uniform graphics, continuity of media, sturdy materials – everything needs to be thought through in advance for optimum efficiency. Polymobyl prefers large supports such as totems, masts and flags, which are easier for the public to spot.

Indoors, on the other hand, signage is more discreet, but still visible. The information conveyed must be intelligible to as many people as possible, so it’s essential to carefully define the messages you want to convey during the design phase of your project. Wall plaques, floor stickers and small totems are just some of the tools you can use to implement the right communication strategy.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the aims of signage remain the same: to orientate, inform and interpret. By organizing places, directional signage helps people make them their own. Thanks to these indications, the user can move at will to reach the desired goal.

Information signage details the information visitors need to know to get around the site: directions, site map, regulations, hazards, services, etc.

Interpretive signage helps visitors to better understand the site and to decipher its meaning. Like information panels, they need to be closer to visitors. Lecterns are often used for this type of signage.

Design and graphic signage

In addition to defining an effective communication strategy, the signage designer also puts a great deal of thought into the design and graphics of the supports. Polymobyl leaves nothing to chance, whether it’s adhering to a uniform visual charter, defining the right size, or ensuring continuity.

To enhance your territory, the signage study will take into account the architecture of your space, the type of visitors, the message to be conveyed and many other features. For optimum results, signage needs to be designed in advance of the project. Beyond the functional aspect, signage is a communication tool. The latter allows us to showcase an area and give the project a strong, meaningful image.

The Polymobyl team uses its knowledge of materials to determine which is best suited to your project, based on aesthetic criteria, resistance to weather conditions and vandalism, and ease of maintenance. At the end of this stage, we’ll suggest a range of supports, from totems and lecterns to flagpoles and hanging signs, as well as appropriate lighting.

During the design phase, Polymobyl looks for color codes, pictograms and lettering that will give continuity and coherence to your signage. The result is high-impact materials that convey a positive brand image for your region.

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