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Since 1987, Polymobyl has been putting its skills and creativity to work for public and private customers, designing street furniture and supplying signage. Thanks to our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach, we can guarantee you a tailor-made project and optimum results. Entrust your image to professionals!

Polymobyl, a signage company at your service

Whether it’s for a public space, a private establishment or an event, signage can take many forms:

  • directional signage, designed to guide users through the various departments of a hospital, for example.
  • explanatory signage, which informs visitors about the obligations and prohibitions in force in a given area, as well as about a town’s tourist opportunities.
  • Organizational signage, which clarifies how an event is to be hosted and run…

In addition to these purely practical functions, signage aims to convey the brand image of the company, city or organizers. To do so, it must be clearly differentiated from other players in the sector or surrounding communities, and correspond to the values you wish to promote.

An offer that covers every stage of your signage project

In essence, Polymobyl is a multidisciplinary company. In order to be consistent with your business sector, your brand image and the needs of your users, we bring together many different and complementary professions: project managers, graphic artists, designers, copywriters, legal experts, disability specialists…

This way, you can be sure that every aspect of your visual identity will be taken into account in the overall project.

A design office specializing in signage

As asignage agency, Polymobyl offers genuine support for your project. Whether you want to create or renew signage for your town, train station, airport, tourist attraction, public space or private company, our team is at your side.

When you call on us, we intervene methodically, as follows:

  • we carry out an on-site audit to determine your needs and constraints
  • we will send you a complete report with figures and our recommendations
  • after validation on your part, we create a personalized graphic charter and design, corresponding to the visual identity of the site or company
  • together we choose the techniques and materials best suited to your project
  • we manufacture your signage elements
  • we supervise the installation of your signs, lecterns, plaques, totems, etc.

Some examples of signage designed by Polymobyl

Over the years, some of the world’s biggest names have trusted us to create effective, personalized visual communication.

This is particularly true of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which has entrusted us with the directional and informational signage for its famous circuit.

On a different note, we have also written a methodological guide for university campuses, enabling them to implement clear signage that reflects their image.

Finally, the Moroccan city of Rabat called on us for a complete overhaul of its road signage.

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