Signage design: Polymobyl takes care of everything from A to Z

With nearly 35 years’ experience, our agency offers you customized signage design for your urban development projects. Polymobyl offers a complete range of services to help you enhance your brand image and heritage. Audit, study, custom installation by our team: we bring your project to life!

Tailor-made solutions from the experts at our signage company

Whether outdoor, indoor or mixed, signage plays an essential role in the urban landscape, fulfilling several simultaneous functions: orientation, information, enhancement and delimitation of specific areas.

Whether your signage project concerns a tourist site, a railway station, a shopping center, a healthcare facility or even an entire city, Polymobyl puts the skills of its design office at your disposal to develop a solution that perfectly meets the various challenges of your territory.

After an on-site audit to take account of the environment and existing solutions, our multidisciplinary team of project managers, designers and graphic artists carries out a complete study, including of course all the signage panels (directional panels, lecterns, totems…) that will be used.

For real coherence and fluid communication, our graphic designers will create a customized graphic charter that will be applied to the various media. The project manager will answer your questions from start to finish, and will ask you to validate each step and element of the study: from the colors used to the design and material of the supports, via the printing technique, or even the distribution of the panels in the space.

Thanks to our experience in France and Morocco working with numerous organizations and local authorities, we can guarantee you personalized signage that’s both stylish and functional, highlighting what needs to be emphasized while providing intuitive orientation within the space.

The end result is urban or tourist signage that reflects your image and values.

The Polymobyl offer step by step

Polymobyl is a signage agency with a rigorous methodology and recognized experience. Our customer references include the towns of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Casablanca, Vierzon, Ambert and Dommartin, as well as the CROUS in Lyon, Nice airport, Marina Morocco, the CHU in Mâcon… Because each territory is unique, we offer you a range of solutions to meet your needs. custom signage study and a global solution that takes into account the specific issues raised by your project and your territory.

Each service is divided into three parts:


On-site audit

This preliminary stage enables us to take into account the environment (site architecture, street furniture, available space, passageways, etc.) and existing solutions. Based on our findings, we can then submit costed recommendations to meet your needs.


Customized study

In line with your requirements and budget, our team designs a graphic charter and a complete signage system. We provide you with sketches, 2D and 3D plans, and advise you on the composition of durable substrates (aluminum, wood…), cutting and printing techniques, and so on.



Once your materials are ready, our technicians come and install your outdoor or heritage signage on site, according to the layout and layout defined beforehand.

Polymobyl guarantees customized advice and on-time delivery. You can see some of our work here.
If you would like further information or to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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