Custom signage: For quality design

With over 30 years’ expertise in the field, Polymobyl, signage company and manufacturer of urban furniture, can carry out your turnkey signage project. An essential part of urban design, custom-made signage, whether exterior or interior, is of paramount importance in highlighting your spaces and guiding visitors. Not only must it be aesthetically pleasing to your corporate image, it must also be visible from a distance, weatherproof and resistant to damage, while being clear and intelligible to all. All these attributes require rigorous planning and solid technical skills to bring them to fruition.

State-of-the-art technology for your directional and other signs

While our core business is definitely outdoor signage, we also take care of your indoor signage: directional panels, information desks…

Depending on the specifics of your project and its particular constraints, we select the right material (wood, stainless steel, concrete…) and the most suitable printing technique (digital, laser, silkscreen), while adapting to your requirements. Our team doesn’t just think about the aesthetics of your panels, it knows and masters each technique perfectly, so we can move from design to production efficiently, for a quality result.

Steps in creating custom signage



We always start by carrying out a site survey to determine the type of signage to be used before the actual design. It’s always the location that dictates the signage, because it’s essential that it’s consistent with its surroundings in order to truly enhance it: in style, of course, but also in terms of size, material…


Action booklet

Depending on the objective (to orient, inform, interpret), we may opt for wall-mounted nameplates, totems or floor stickers for indoor signage, and directional signs or a signposted route for outdoor signage.



Once this stage has been completed, we develop equipment that will guide your users while reflecting the image and values you wish to convey. Signage is the first thing a visitor will see when arriving at your site, so it’s important that our panels match the site’s identity. As such, they are an integral part of your communication strategy, and our job, beyond the technical specifics, is to ensure that your signage gets the right message across to users.


Graphic charter

Prior to production, we draw up a graphic charter to define a guideline that will be applied to all your signage, even if several types of sign are used.


Customized follow-up

Last but not least, you’ll benefit from personalized follow-up with a dedicated contact who will accompany you right through to delivery. As a custom signage company, Polymobyl has a human-scale infrastructure that enables us to be more responsive and concentrate on creation.

Our customers include local authorities, railway stations, airports, universities and luxury hotels. Here you’ll find a selection of our work.

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