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The aim of signage is to guide and inform users throughout their journey, while at the same time highlighting your heritage. To achieve this, it’s essential to ensure consistency between the different panels, but also to be able to adapt them so that they blend harmoniously with their surroundings, while reflecting your brand image.

That’s why Polymobyl, a signage company with over 30 years’ experience in the sector, offers customized signage with a wide range of possibilities for both local authorities and contractors.

Discover our products and the skills of our versatile team…

Quality customizable signage

Whether in the form of directional signs, milestones, totems or lecterns, signage must catch the eye of users and present information that can be read by all, even from a distance in the case of directional signs.

It needs to be clear, both in terms of information and design, and sturdy enough to withstand the elements, humidity and damage.

Good signage also enhances the site into which it is integrated, without distorting it.

For all these reasons, Polymobyl offers several ranges of customizable signage that will cover all your needs and adapt to your requirements.

We offer, for example, different panel sizes for each signage product, as well as four types of printing for personalization: digital printing on film, digital printing directly on the substrate, laminated digital printing and laser cutting.

This way, once you’ve made your choice, all you have to do is send us the texts and visuals to be printed (plan, directions, historical or geographical presentation text…) and we’ll take care of personalizing your outdoor signage.

All our models are made of aluminum, aluminum composite or steel, making them extremely sturdy.

Three ranges for consistent signage

When we designed the three signage ranges in our catalog, we wanted to offer our customers a range of products (milestones, lecterns, directional signs, totems, plaques, etc.) that could be used together to create a highly coherent route.

This translates into clear aesthetic choices for each line: material, cut, colors… We offer you all the signage elements you need within each range. This means you can get all your equipment from Polymobyl. Your signage will be more legible, for a more pleasant visitor experience.

By highlighting your heritage (tourist site, public site, airport, etc.), visitors will be able to find their way around more easily.

The ICARE collection offers signs, lecterns, totems and milestones in folded metal. Elegant with its clean lines and copper and ivory colors, it is also very solid and designed to develop a patina over time.

The MASSILIA line, in smooth metal, comes in directional masts, nameplates, lecterns and totems. Without frills, it will highlight your information and adapt to any space thanks to its sobriety.

Finally, the OLYMPE line features original cut-outs and touches of color on the inside and outside edges of its panels. Available as directional masts and gantries, it can be used to direct users and integrate maps as required. Its particularly modern design look will enhance your site.

Our customized signage offer is particularly suitable if you already have in mind how you want to arrange your signage. Nevertheless, for more specific needs and a complete audit to define the signage best suited to your site, Polymobyl can also offer its custom signage services, for a truly unique result. Please see our Achievements section for examples of projects completed by Polymobyl, and contact us with any queries you may have.

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