Signage Lyon: A customized design project with Polymobyl

A signage company since 1986 and a specialist in street furniture, Polymobyl is your preferred partner for your signage projects in Lyon. From design to installation, we offer you a complete, made-to-measure service…

Why choose Polymobyl for your signage?

As a signage manufacturer, Polymobyl takes into account the challenges of your project and the constraints of the environment in order to offer you an adapted solution that perfectly matches your needs.

An essential element of any territory, signage not only helps to guide your visitors through a sometimes complex space, but also provides them with valuable information that contributes to the enhancement of your site or heritage: historical, geographical, practical information…

In this sense, it allows the user to take full ownership of the premises and easily find his or her way around. It must therefore be perfectly legible, intelligible, visible and coherent. For this, Polymobyl offers you a device with a harmonized design and a uniform graphic charter, which will also reflect your brand image.

We support you throughout your project, putting together a customized team and proposing innovative creations that reflect the values of your brand or institution.

Custom solutions

Polymobyl develops the graphic charter and the design with an eco-design approach.
Graphic artists, designers and technicians are able to provide all the technical solutions required for aesthetic manufacturing that meets the most demanding requirements.

Choice of materials

Materials will be chosen to fully adapt to their environment (exterior or interior, decoration…), and the size of each element defined according to the frame, so as to be sufficiently visible.

Identifying your needs

The purpose of the audit prior to any service is to identify your needs, the constraints linked to the space, and the information to be communicated to the public.

We will then propose a detailed study, with precise specifications.

Our products are protected against rust and corrosion, easy to maintain and resistant to weather conditions and damage. So it’s a sustainable investment.

Manufacturing your signage: our expertise

As a creator of high-end signage, Polymobyl works on public and private projects that focus on :

  • creation of graphic guidelines,
  • signage.

During the project study phase, we advise the client on technical constraints:

  • stress analysis,
  • compliance with standards,
  • technical and graphic design,
  • choice of materials ,
  • budget study,
  • cost of installation and related fittings.

The result is customized signage that’s resistant to weather conditions and damage, and that enhances the value of your space.

Finally, if you’d like to purchase signage directly, we offer three product lines in our catalog.

Polymobyl is based in the Lyon area, and operates in the Rhône-Alpes region as well as in the rest of France.

We’ve worked for local authorities, but also on development projects for luxury hotels, railway stations, airports, ports… You can see examples of our work here.

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