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A signage company with over 30 years’ experience, Polymobyl offers you all its expertise to enhance your heritage. Guide and inform users with our catalog of ready-to-install custom signage.

For better signage coordination and consistency, we offer different product lines that you can use together. Let’s discover them…

Personalized, high-quality signage

Good signage needs to catch the eye of users, but also blend harmoniously into the landscape. So it’s important to choose the right design, the right materials, but also the right dimensions.

A signpost (milestone, totem, desk, directional arrow, etc.) must be easy to read and interpret. A directional sign should be visible from a distance, for example.

Last but not least, they must be durable, and therefore resistant to weathering and damage.

Whether you’re looking to equip a tourist site, a public venue or a hotel, Polymobyl offers high-quality, fully customizable products to meet your needs.

The different lines in our signage catalog

Each of our three lines has a clear guideline (shapes, colors, materials) to facilitate design.

You can choose the dimensions of each item, as well as the printing method you prefer for your texts and logos: digital film printing, direct digital printing, laminated digital printing or laser cutting.

Above all, all the materials we use (wood, Corten steel, lacquered or composite aluminum…) are resistant for real durability. The finishes also provide additional protection against damage.

The result is truly high-quality products that fit perfectly into their environment.

A signage catalog to meet every need

In our catalog, you’ll find no fewer than 3 lines of customized signage: ICARE, MASSILIA and OLYMPE.

Each one brings together a set of products with a similar design, to cover all your needs.

With its copper or silver color, the ICARE line is both discreet and elegant, and equally at home indoors or out. It includes stakes and milestones (ideal for marking out a walk), as well as wall plaques, reading desks and totems. It can easily be used for tourist signage, but its plaques can also be used in railway stations, airports, hotels, etc.

The MASSILIA line is the purest of all: in steel and lacquered aluminum, it is functional and will enhance your information in any environment. It comprises a directional mast, a totem pole, a wall sign and a reading desk.

As for the OLYMPE line, it is resolutely modern with its original cut-outs and small touches of color inside the arrows. It can be easily integrated into a tourist site to guide visitors (directional mast, gantry).

Finally, don’t forget that Polymobyl can also design custom signage for your furnishing projects, thanks to its highly skilled creative team. In this case, we’ll come to your site to carry out a full audit before the project design phase.

We’ve already carried out signage projects for many customers: railway stations, airports, hotels, tourist sites… You’ll find examples of our work here.

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