Signage design: a major challenge for professionals

Whether you represent a local authority, are responsible for site enhancement, work in the public sector or manage a private-sector site, you all share a common need: effective markup.

From preliminary design to the creation of your signage, then its harmonious integration on site, Polymobyl gives your projects the scope they deserve. Count on the support of an experienced signage company.

Signage study: an essential preliminary step

Tagging a site or a company can’t be improvised. It requires the consideration of multiple, interconnected parameters, such as signage objectives, site configuration, choice of media, message and visuals… The whole must meet your expectations in terms of public information and orientation, as well as brand image and site enhancement.

As a specialized agency, Polymobyl brings together a versatile team of designers, graphic artists and conceptors. This multi-disciplinary approach enables us to take a global view of each project, bringing a fresh perspective and real expertise to your signage project.

A signage agency at your side every step of the way

Naturally, creating signage for a company or a historic site doesn’t have the same constraints. Similarly, a wayfinding project rarely has a single objective: it must inform AND convey an image, guide AND arouse curiosity, etc. It’s this multifunctional aspect that makes the design of signage so complex and demanding.

Polymobyl offers you all the expertise of a signage agency with decades of experience. Over the years, we’ve developed a process for supporting our customers, from project inception to delivery:

  • we audit the site in order to grasp its ambience, its assets and its constraints;
  • our design office gets to work and provides you with a project brief for your signage, along with a precise estimate;
  • As soon as we have your approval, we present you with a maximum number of documents (sketches, 2D and 3D drawings, technical data sheets, etc.) to help you visualize the expected result and validate each stage of the project;
  • we integrate personalization elements to respect your graphic charter, using various printing techniques, perforations, etc.
  • we start manufacturing your signage materials in our workshops near Lyon ;
  • our teams then deliver and set up your items.

Product ranges for high-performance custom signage

To suit every project, Polymobyl has designed a wide variety of visual communication media. Signs and plaques, lecterns, poles, masts and directional arrows, totems are all possible and complementary choices.

To fully match your corporate identity, all our signage materials can be customized. Choice of design, colors and lettering, shapes and materials (aluminum, wood, metal, PVC…) are just some of the options available. Take a look at our creations to get an idea of our work.

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