Bureau d'étude signétique : A design project that reflects your image

Polymobyl is a signage design office with offices in France and Morocco, assisting entrepreneurs and local authorities with their development projects. Our multi-disciplinary team is at your service to guide your visitors and enhance your brand image. Discover our know-how.

An experienced signage company to bring your projects to life

A signage study enables us to identify the issues raised by the design of a space, and to provide an appropriate solution. The aim is not only to enable users to make the space their own, but also to enhance it as harmoniously as possible.

Polymobyl can provide you with a versatile team of designers, graphic artists, project managers and more. We precisely identify your needs and all the constraints associated with your project, and propose a complete solution that meets your requirements.

Our great strength? Over 30 years’ experience in exterior and interior signage, a genuine concern for design, and a global approach to space planning.

In this way, we control every dimension of your project, delivering a top-quality service on time and within budget.

As signage specialists, we understand the importance of signage in your visual communication. The aim is not only to orient visitors and provide them with clear, legible information, but also to enhance the space (and therefore your brand image) in the most natural way possible.

All services begin with a diagnosis of the solutions already in place, before optimization or total redesign. This may involve rethinking traffic flow to make it more fluid, highlighting information more prominently, or rethinking the design of signage tools and the graphic charter.

Once all the elements have been validated with you and the specifications drawn up, your signage is manufactured and we come and install it on site. You get a turnkey solution, and ongoing support from your project manager.

Your signage project, step by step

Polymobyl is a rigorous methodology and a responsive team that pools its skills to guarantee you the best. Our numerous signage projects have led us to work with Royal Air Maroc and the CROUS in Lyon.

Because each area or territory has its own specific features and constraints, we can offer you a customized solution tailored precisely to your needs.

Each signage project is carried out as follows:


Audit of existing systems

We visit the site to identify the environmental challenges and constraints. Based on the documentation you provide, we also carry out on-site surveys. Once the diagnosis has been made, we will send you a detailed report with figures.


Designing your signage

This is the design phase. We’ll work with you to design a visual identity. Our team strives to make signage clear, legible and functional.


Coordination of work

From manufacturing to installation, we coordinate your entire project to guarantee on-time delivery and custom installation. You benefit from real continuity of follow-up from one end to the other.

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