A modular, customizable 2-wheeler shelter for functional street furniture

Polymobyl is a street furniture manufacturer with over 30 years of recognized expertise. We offer companies and local authorities the design and installation of a modular, customizable 2-wheeler shelter for a made-to-measure result.

Discover our services and design models, made from durable materials for long-lasting use.

Cycle shelters: furniture with multiple functions

A must-have for public spaces,bike shelters provide protection from the elements, as well as safe parking for your 2-wheeled vehicle.

This makes it an ideal ally, facilitating the development of soft mobility and encouraging users to turn to this means of locomotion.

It concerns all types of players in society: municipalities and local authorities, of course, but also companies, schools, hospitals, administrations and social landlords.

How to choose a modular bike shelter with Polymobyl?

At Polymobyl, you’ll find 5 different basiccycle shelter models in our catalog.

These models are modular and customizable:

  • they can be opened or closed on both sides
  • customizable walls
  • possibility of adding LED lighting
  • length and width can be doubled as required

Entirely designed in noble, durable materials (larch wood, steel…), they are made to adapt to different types of environment, urban or rural, and feature clean lines and meticulous finishes. Each line (PUR, NUT, TOKYO, CALVADOS…) has its own characteristics.

When you contact us, we are committed to finding the best solution for your situation. During the preliminary study of any project, we will take into account the following elements:

  • available floor space
  • the number of cycles to be accommodated simultaneously
  • respect for the external environment
  • the target audience and accessibility
  • your budget

Polymobyl bicycle shelters and racks are eligible for the Alvéole program, which enables local authorities to finance urban bicycle shelters, as well as certain awareness-raising initiatives. Click on the image opposite to go to the official Alvéole website.

Polymobyl: Our mission: to enhance your space

At Polymobyl, our aim is simple: to enhance your space and your brand image. Beyond their practicality, mountain bike shelters are powerful communication tools. It is therefore essential that they reflect your image and values, while being easily identifiable by users and user-friendly.

Our multi-disciplinary team is here to guide you step by step.



After an in-depth interview, we start by carrying out a complete on-site audit to identify all the constraints governing your space.


Action booklet

This will enable us to submit to you a costed action plan containing our recommendations.


Manufacturing and installation

We will then help you choose each of your enclosure options, and install them once they have been manufactured. You get a top-of-the-range all-in-one service!

From one end of the project to the other, you benefit from a tailor-made follow-up with the project manager, who will answer all your questions with complete transparency.

Ready to move up a gear? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about ourcustom bike shelter services.

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