A new range of signs from POLYMOBYL

Olympe is the name of this
new line of signage
designed by Polymobyl for the 2017 season.

Signage is a reflection of a site and helps to shape its image. Signage design is therefore of prime importance, as furniture is the most immediately visible element.

Its design requires skills in architecture, furniture design and landscaping.

The choice of material is decisive, and is selected on the basis of its aesthetic quality, resistance to climatic phenomena or accidental damage, ease of installation, intrinsic strength and ease of maintenance.

The OLYMPE line is the fruit of Polymobyl’s many years’ experience in signage.

An original modular system, a unique and dynamic design

Free-standing, wall-mounted or suspended, the directional mast is designed to manage traffic flows both inside and outside a site.

The mast is an aluminum profile with 4 grooves for 360° directional display.

The special shape of the aluminium boxed arrows and panels is the result of a cutting system that creates a play of colors between the inside and outside of the arrows.

Thematic proposals for colors

The mast is lacquered in anthracite grey RAL 7016.

For the arrows and panels, 3 colors are available:

  • Classic: grey exterior, brushed aluminum interior
  • Type: grey exterior, wood-look interior
  • Trend: grey exterior, fuchsia interior

Signage deserves to be noticed

Your own choice of colors is also possible.

Modular, single-mast, twin-mast… all configurations are available in all sizes.

This line will sublimate any space and bring out the best in
its environment.

You just have to dare.

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