Bicycle boxes: practical, secure and elegant modules available

Making functional bike boxes available to as many people as possible, in line with the technical constraints and specifications of local authorities, is a way of encouraging cleaner, less exhaust-polluted cities.

bike locker
Polymobyl, and in particular the individual Cycl’sure model, reassures users and helps them on a daily basis.

Modular solutions for cycle stalls

Customizable bicycle lockers are designed with a mix of wood and metal. Even the closure is customizable. Refined, modern structures can be modulated to achieve the desired size and fit perfectly into the space. In the case of secure boxes, the magnetic sliding doors are locked directly by users, and a padlock can be used to connect the bike to the inner rail.

100% adaptable, the collective modules have 6 places and can be extended to 20 places or more. If parking requirements change, modules can be added.

The individual Polymobyl box, with its steel structure and powder-coated sheet metal, meets other needs as well, with space for the user’s belongings. With this concept, the bike can be padlocked to an inside rail.

Customizable bike shelter solutions

Polymobyl assists local authorities and companies with their projects, offering tailor-made, turnkey support. An update is given at each stage of the project, and it’s up to the person in charge to give his or her opinion on the shape, materials, colors, options and so on. for your open or closed cycle shelter. Our multidisciplinary team ensures compliance with environmental standards and the perfect integration of the element into the urban landscape. This is particularly important when the box becomes an essential communication tool. The shapes and materials, the cut-outs and associated colors all contribute to enhancing the brand image of the city, the business operator or the entrepreneur.

To reinforce the service and enhance the soft mobility experience, certain elements can be integrated into the secure box, such as a charging station or a repair and inflation station.

Specific features of cycle instructions

The secure urban bicycle module is distinguished by its sophisticated design and sturdiness. Its main qualities are :

  • clean lines and a compact shape for a smaller footprint;
  • various RAL colors for partition sheets: 5 standard colors and others on request ;
  • extreme resistance to weathering and minor impacts, thanks to a reinforced roof and tubular steel structure (40 x 40 mm) ;
  • ease of use, guaranteed by the high-grade steel hinged door that opens and closes with ease;
  • double security with a padlock locking system and a galvanized steel runner inside the enclosure;

Functionality is enhanced by height-adjustable mounting plates.

Finally, Polymobyl is a partner in the Alvéole Plus and OEPV programs. These fund local authorities and companies that choose to invest in facilities for cyclists. Our products are eligible for funding under both programs.

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