Bicycle filling station: simplifying user mobility

The deployment of cycle shelters in urban areas, but also on company premises, is steadily increasing. However, the choice of soft mobility must be accompanied by services designed to facilitate this option and support users in their decision.

Equipping your shelters with a bicycle filling station is a responsible and important gesture for the public or your employees. Polymobyl presents the equipment available.

An inflation station integrated into your bike shelter

Installing parking spaces for two-wheelers in urban or professional spaces is a matter of course. Equipping them in such a way as to simplify bicycle use is not yet a systematic practice… It is to promote and facilitate green modes of travel that Polymobyl has designed inflation terminals that can be installed in our various shelter models.

The station is equipped with a manual inflation pump and a pressure gauge to check the pressure of the bike’s tires. Depending on your preferences, this equipment can be integrated into a repair station. The user then has a support fixed to the ground, on which he can hoist his bike to work comfortably and safely. The station includes two tire levers, a full set of wrenches and a screwdriver.

Our cycle shelters with filling stations

The cycle filling station is part of the LUD line, which includes numerous references for designer street furniture. The galvanized steel design, laser-cut pattern and four color options allow the equipment to be harmoniously integrated into any LUD Series enclosure. Naturally, the color of your choice is available on request.

Set up in an enclosed shelter, the bike inflation and repair station allows cyclists to restore their means of transport in complete peace of mind. There’s no need to carry around a heavy, cumbersome repair kit: the local authority or their own boss can provide them with tools right on the spot!

Polymobyl's advantages for the design of your bicycle sheds

Since 1987, the Polymobyl agency has been designing high-quality urban and community furniture. Durable and elegant, our products adapt to their environment and make daily life easier for users. For the creation of a cycle shelter with an integrated inflation station, we offer you custom-made services:


Environmental audit

of its assets and constraints by our team


Drawing up an action book

relevant and quantified


Project presentation

with the help of sketches, plans and detailed data sheets



and furniture customization



in our workshops in the Lyon region



and on-site installation by us

Much more than a simple accessory, street furniture is a vector of brand image and communication. To get the most out of your cycle shelters with inflatable bollards, call on the experts at Polymobyl.

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