Polymobyl, your signage agency in Casablanca

With 25 years’ experience in France, Polymobyl has been offering its services in Morocco since 2008. Over the years, our multidisciplinary team has implemented ambitious signage projects in Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech.

We offer you a true partnership for the realization of your personalized interior and exterior signage, whether for a tourist site or a private-sector company.

Your signage experts in Morocco

At Polymobyl, we don’t just sell high-quality signage and information materials. We bring together cutting-edge expertise in a variety of fields to offer you a fully customized service.

Using a tried and tested approach, we create your personalized signage, as we did for Royal Air Maroc and the Banyan Tree Resort Hotel in Fnideq, on the Kingdom’s northern coast.

Our services include :

  • an audit of the existing situation, taking into account the characteristics of the buildings, the site, the structures already in place, etc.
  • a customized study covering all aspects of your project: graphic charter, iconography, illustrations (after in-depth research into key themes), staging…
  • the design of personalized media, either from a catalog or made-to-measure;
  • manufacture of your signage supports (totems, arrows, lecterns, panels, etc.), using durable, high-quality materials that blend in perfectly with the site;
  • project management.

The importance of signage for Moroccan businesses and local authorities

Customized signage meets a number of objectives, depending on the client, the site to be designed, etc. Over the years, Polymobyl has developed real expertise in its field, and is now in a position to offer you top-of-the-range services.

Our projects fully meet the criteria of efficiency and harmonization for tourist, commercial or urban signage. By designing, manufacturing and installing your supports:

  • we improve the visibility of your site;
  • we optimize the user experience;
  • we bring real added value to the sites we develop;
  • we ensure the longevity and resistance of your signage to weathering, vandalism and more.

Polymobyl achievements in Morocco

Since 2008, many companies and local authorities have entrusted Polymobyl with the design of their signage in Morocco.

We’re particularly proud of our work on the Casablanca Corniche and around the Hassan II mosque, a site we helped to enhance by choosing signage in harmony with the marine environment.

In Rabat, Polymobyl was chosen as the winner of the ideas competition for the complete redesign of the capital’s road signs.

In another field, the Moroccan National Railways Office entrusted us with the design and installation of signage in the stations of the new LGV line: a major challenge, commensurate with our capabilities. This project mobilized designers, graphic artists, technicians and signage experts to create a harmonious whole and a clear path for passengers.

For all your signage projects in Morocco, rely on Polymobyl’s expertise.

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