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To modernize your public spaces, such as parks, squares, bus stops, pedestrian streets, halls, railway stations or shopping centers, we suggest you opt for our urban benches in a variety of styles. Essential for improving residents’ comfort, they will enable passers-by to rest their legs and sit down for a few moments.

We take into account all the constraints specific to your site (climate, environment, vandalism, etc.), in order to offer you the best product for your needs. That’s why we’ve designed a range of city seats for you, with a simple, uncluttered design. It’s up to you to give your urban environments the style you want. Polymobyl, experts in urban furniture, offer you a selection of public seating to furnish your town center or green spaces.

Polymobyl, expert in the creation of modern urban equipment

Thanks to our expertise, professionalism and know-how, we can customize and adapt your seats to suit your expectations, needs and tastes.

We offer a wide range of public benches, from the simplest to the most original, in colorful or sober shades. The choice is yours. Several materials are available, including wood (pine, larch), sheet steel, Taza stone and Burgundy stone. For added convenience, we also offer models that allow you to store your bikes and sit on them while keeping them close at hand.

Most of our products are high-end goods. The quality of our products and services has built our reputation in the street furniture market over the years. Bringing dynamism, cheerfulness and comfort to your urban spaces is our priority.
Whether indoors or out, our street furniture gives you a real sense of comfort.
Our contract seating offers many advantages. In fact, they can be adapted to suit your site. So you can position them as you like to create the ambience of your choice. Because a bench seat needs to be discreet, our models are resolutely sober, yet modern and designer. The strength of our products means they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

At Polymobyl, we strive to deliver street furniture that is both vandal-proof and aesthetically pleasing. Our experienced, multidisciplinary team imagines and creates each piece in our collection with precision. We are committed to respecting your specifications and your budget.

Polymobyl imagines new, innovative solutions to enhance your site, starting with a global approach and an in-depth study of the subject, in order to best meet all your requirements, even the most atypical. Our team, specialists in street furniture, makes a point of satisfying your requirements.

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