Public benches, an essential part of urban design

Equip your green spaces such as gardens and parks or your pedestrian streets with our public benches. Indispensable for improving the quality of life in your community, they allow passers-by to relax and sit down for a few moments.

We offer a range of bench models that are ideal for use in green spaces, shopping centers and industrial zones. Enhance your entire urban environment by choosing our models with their simple, intelligent and uncluttered design. Whatever their look, they’ll enhance your urban environment while remaining discreet enough to blend into the landscape.

Polymobyl, manufacturer of benches (community benches, urban benches, city benches, curved benches, tree benches…), offers you a wide range of products for landscaping your city or green spaces. Now you can offer your community residents rest areas that comply with current standards.

Polymobyl, designer city benches

Find the ideal design for your urban space with our wide range of benches. Available in a wide range of styles, colors and materials (wooden park benches, steel park benches, metal park benches, etc.), our products feature both classic and contemporary lines.

Polymobyl makes it a point of honor to offer comfortable elements with a refined, sophisticated design. From unstructured lines and rounded curves to straight and classic cut-outs, we offer a variety of urban bench models to meet your every need. Whether they’re made of steel or wood, they’ll stand up to any challenge.

In our company, attention to detail is paramount, which is why every one of our products is made from high-quality materials and finished to the highest standards. The design of our benches can be customized, allowing you to decorate the structure to reflect the site where it will be installed. At Polymobyl, we can help you with all your street furniture projects.

Urban benches with many advantages

Polymobyl benches have many advantages. Customizable, they are available in the colors of your choice to suit all city spaces. Thanks to our resistant materials and protective treatments, they are long-lasting and difficult to damage.

Because we want to deliver street furniture that’s both vandal-proof and aesthetically pleasing, our multidisciplinary team designs each element with precision and refinement. We also design benches with openings that allow heat to escape, so that seating is pleasant and comfortable all year round.

Thanks to their ergonomic design and efficient fastening systems, our made-to-measure benches can be positioned anywhere. Lobbies, shopping malls or even schools, these elements will be perfect for embellishing the spaces of your choice. Our team will guide you in your choice of equipment. We strive to respect your budget and adapt to your specifications.

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