Bus shelters

Bus shelters, essential urban equipment

Bus shelters, designed mainly for public transport users, are primarily intended to provide a safe waiting area and ensure passenger comfort. They mark out specific bus stops or car-sharing points. These enclosed spaces offer varying degrees of protection to waiting passengers. They are designed with a number of factors in mind, such as climate, the number of people waiting and bus frequency. Polymobyl designs original, multifunctional bus shelters. We present a wide range of shelters for your community’s travelers.

Available in various formats, these multi-functional units are made from wood, tempered glass or steel. Perfect for sheltering travelers, the traveler shelter can also be used as a bicycle terminal. Aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, Polymobyl products feature extra protection to shield pedestrians from the elements. Designed to keep out the rain in winter and provide shade in summer, our wooden bus shelters will satisfy your requirements all year round, and for many years to come.

Our team has designed models capable of performing a wide range of functions while maintaining a certain discretion. Enhance the design of your environment with Polymobyl’s furnishing solutions.

Bus shelters with a sophisticated design

Our company has developed severalshelter modelswith warm, contemporary designs. Opt for steel or tempered glass equipment to design your town centers. Those made of wood will be ideal in the heart of your green spaces. Available in a wide range of colors, our products adapt to different styles of environment and blend in perfectly with their decor. Structured, elegant and uncluttered, Polymobyl custom shelters let passers-by enjoy a moment of rest sheltered from the sun, rain and wind.

We offer contemporary designs that are in tune with the times. Our creations are designed to comply with current standards and the constraints specific to your site (climate, environment, vandalism, etc.). Combining strength, accessibility and ease of maintenance and installation, Polymobyl equipment will enhance your urban décor.

Polymobyl, your custom bus shelter manufacturer

Encourage your community’s residents to use public transport systems, and guarantee their comfort and protection with ease. Choose the urban shelter best suited to your environment, and have it easily custom-made. Our company offers you the possibility of adapting our products to your territory, so that you can equip yourself according to your specifications and budget.

Find the right products for the layout of your community and improve the comfort of your public transport network users. Our design shelters blend harmoniously into all your sites, whether rural or urban. Enhance your public spaces with our services. Take care of your users and enhance the look of your urban environment with Polymobyl landscaping solutions.

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