Company smoking enclosure: create a quality space for your employees

Smoking areas are an important living space for some employees. The proper design of these areas is just as important for non-smoking employees as for smoking employees. A well-defined space helps maintain internal harmony despite differences in use, and enhances the value of the company.

To improve your employees’ quality of life, consider a smoking shelter. It will offer maximum comfort and adapt to your existing structure. Polymobyl offers you modern street furniture, of which the corporate smoking shelter is an integral part.

An outdoor smoking area for everyone

Meeting employees’ expectations in terms of quality of life at work has become essential. Cigarette smoking is an important issue for many people, and we need to take it into consideration and make our workplaces smoke-friendly. The result is a well-balanced workplace, where everyone can enjoy a relaxing time adapted to their needs.

Corporate smoking shelters meet many needs. This piece of street furniture combines several advantages, first and foremost user-friendliness, safety and protection from the elements. The shelter, whether simple or combined with other urban structures, helps define a clear framework and accommodate as many users as required.

Cleanliness is also an important criterion. Cigarette smoking is limited to a specific area, so it’s easier to control consumption and the space remains perfectly clean. The aesthetics of thecigarette shelter are also essential. Well chosen, this product becomes a relaxation area that all your employees can enjoy, even if they don’t want to smoke.

Polymobyl's smoking areas, designed to last

Polymobyl is well aware of companies’ needs forurban smoking shelters, and offers a wide range of outdoor furniture. As a design agency with many years’ experience, we combine quality materials (wood, aluminum, galvanized steel) and lightweight design to make your equipment as easy to live with as possible.

Our smokers’ shelters, with a standard surface area of 3×1.5 m, accommodate your employees in a standing position, and can be extended if required. Composed of a light but resistant aluminum structure, they are then available with safety glass panels, perforated sheet metal or larch slats. The result is a modern shelter in perfect harmony with your building.

This customization of street furniture is at the heart of our service. After all, it’s a powerful communication tool for your employees. That’s why we carry out an in-depth audit of your site to better understand your constraints and profile. We can then provide you with custom-made equipment, which can even be personalized with your logo, LED lighting or stand-up seats.

With our smoking shelters, we help local authorities to choose street furniture that’s better suited to their environment. Clear lines, responsible design and visual codes in line with your values: we play a valuable advisory role to help you develop your business. Polymobyl offers a wide range of products and customized designs for your street furniture, whether you’re in France or Morocco. Discover the models available in our range and contact us for a personalized quotation at the best price.

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