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Cultural signage represents a major challenge for outdoor signage, since it enhances the value of heritage by enabling visitors not only to find their way around a space, but also to better appreciate and understand it.

Polymobyl, a signage specialist since 1986, puts all its know-how and the skills of its multidisciplinary team at your service for your land-use planning and signage redesign projects.

The challenges of heritage signage

Promoting our cultural and natural heritage is essential if we are to enable as many people as possible to appreciate it to the full. In addition to orienting visitors, the aim is to provide them with the keys to understanding the area and its specific historical, geographical and other features.

Our company, experts in the design of interpretive media, can provide you with a tailor-made heritage layout to enhance your space.

Good tourist signage meets several objectives:

  • orientation and organization of visitor traffic within the space
  • provide practical information (opening hours, map, accessibility, etc.)
  • provide information about the site itself (history, anecdotes…)

To achieve this, the various supports must be sufficiently visible, even from a distance, immediately legible and harmoniously integrated into their surroundings. It is therefore essential that all signage be coherent, with a carefully designed graphic charter.

Similarly, the choice of materials must take account of climatic conditions to ensure long-lasting use.

Like the towns of Vierzon and Orléans, call on Polymobyl and get functional, designer signage that meets your most exacting requirements.

We offer various product lines to suit your needs, as well as customized signage design services.

A turnkey solution, from design to installation of supports

Polymobyl is a multidisciplinary team of project managers, graphic artists and designers at your service to bring your projects to life.

We design your heritage signage from A to Z, taking into account your expectations, budget and space constraints.



Each signage study begins with a complete audit of the existing situation, enabling us to pinpoint the challenges facing your space. In particular, we carry out precise surveys. At the end of this first phase, we’ll be able to offer you a set of recommendations for action, with figures.


Graphic charter

Once this part has been validated with you, we set to work to create a clear graphic charter that will reflect your territory’s brand image, and we devise the design for each medium.



Finally, we take care of on-site installation. Signage supports are integrated in such a way as to enhance the space while respecting it.

Every step of the way, you benefit from ongoing support from the project manager. This also enables us to better adapt to your requirements.

Last but not least, Polymobyl offers the assurance of many years’ experience in the cultural field: we’ve designed signage for the Chemin des impressionnistes (Montigny-les-Corneilles), the 24 exceptional sites of Geopark Beaujolais, the Verdon and Tarn gorges, and Rabat-Salé in Morocco.

Contact us today for yoursignage projects, and make your territory stand out!

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