Designing a smoking area: create a customized space for your employees

Outdoor smoking shelters

Smoking bans in public places force employers to rethink their organization! Because the well-being of employees depends on a quality layout that enhances the company’s image and provides the perfect setting for relaxation.

Polymobyl offers smoker’s shelters in a variety of sizes and designs, with numerous possibilities for the layout of smoking areas, to meet every need.

The outdoor smoking area, a space with many advantages

There are many reasons to set up a smoking area outside your company, and they go far beyond cigarette-related obligations. A well-designed, user-friendly structure is an extension of your workspace. This will be a rest area, an additional lunch area for your employees and a space where they can smoke in peace and quiet.

In addition, a special smokers’ shelter will help keep the area safe and clean thanks to ashtrays – and thus avoid any unsightly butts – as well as maintaining a convivial atmosphere between smokers and non-smokers thanks to an outdoor area accessible to all!

Last but not least, a landscaped terrace will add value to your premises and could even become an additional argument for attracting future employees! To make it as welcoming as possible, we’ll personalize it with care. Based on an aluminum structure, which lends lightness to the whole, wood, aluminum, tempered glass, clerestory or openwork panels can be added. The choice of material will also influence the style of your enclosure, creating a real coherence with the architecture of your premises.

The dimensions of each shelter can also be adapted as required. With surfaces starting at 3×1.5 m and extending as far as necessary, you can be sure of providing sufficient space for all your smoking employees.

Polymobyl, custom-designed outdoor smoking shelters

For an outdoor cigarette area, as for any other part of your premises, design matters! Polymobyl, a specialist in street furniture, offers private companies and public institutions high-quality structures perfectly suited to their image.

Thanks to an in-depth audit and a customized study, we are able to offer you solutions that are both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. They combine design and practicality. Consider a light, airy structure, open or semi-open, with LED lighting or a skylight to maximize comfort, even in inclement weather. Delineate the space on the ground or use a sign to separate smoking and non-smoking areas.

Your outdoor space can also be furnished with tables, chairs or benches, and enhanced with plants, glass partitions or raised flooring. Always respecting current standards, our teams take into account the needs of your employees and the personality of your company, for a result that’s uniquely yours.

Our team will accompany your project from A to Z, providing you with proposals for durable furniture, so that your smoking area remains timeless and will be used for a long time to come.

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