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Essential for orienting users within a space and providing them with stable reference points, directional signage comes in a variety of forms: masts, arrows, totems or even desks. Because designing your outdoor signage requires both in-depth work and technical expertise, Polymobyl puts its know-how at the service of local authorities and companies looking for a tailor-made solution to enhance their territory.

Our signage company brings together the skills of a multi-disciplinary team of project managers, designers, graphic artists and project managers who work hand in hand to help you meet the challenges raised by your project.

Here’s what we have to offer and how we work.

Specialist know-how for effective wayfinding signage

Wayfinding signage surrounds us wherever we go, so much so that we often don’t even “notice” it anymore. We rely on directional signs without really thinking about it – and isn’t that, after all, the sign of successful signage?

This type of signage should be interpreted instinctively. Directional signage must be visible from a distance, legible and understandable to all.

But, despite appearances, to achieve this result, it takes a great deal of time and thought to design a relevant signalling system.



Polymobyl has been specializing in signage design for over 30 years, taking charge of your project from A to Z and carrying out an on-site audit prior to any service. In this way, we can not only take existing solutions into account, but also assess environmental constraints through precise surveys.


Graphic charter

Signage must not only showcase your space or heritage, but also be sufficiently robust to withstand weather conditions or damage, for example.

It’s an essential information and communication tool, which must reflect your values and be suitable for long-term use.

We will develop a customized graphic charter for optimal visual ergonomics and advise you on all technical aspects: materials (steel, wood, stainless steel…), printing and cutting techniques…



Finally, we take care of the delivery and installation of the brackets on site, as well as their maintenance.

Directional masts, totems, lecterns: A wide range of supports

Polymobyl also offers a signage catalog with different product lines (ICARE, OLYMPE and MASSILIA) that we can customize to suit your needs and requirements. You’ll find directional masts, totems and lecterns to choose from in terms of size, cutting and printing techniques (including screen printing).

Their sleek, elegant design will blend harmoniously into a variety of spaces. Our masts are visible from afar, our OLYMPE gantry allows 360° directional display and our totems allow you to print a map of the premises to help users find their way around and understand the space.

Our catalog also includes desks, reading tables, milestones and wall plaques to meet all your signage needs. Each line has its own aesthetic bias, making it easy to combine the different media. Here, too, we can advise you on how best to integrate your new home into your existing space.

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