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Guiding users around town, orienting tourists while informing them about a historic site, or directing visitors to an establishment: these are just some of the situations where outdoor signage is essential.

One of the most widely used media is the directional totem, which combines high visibility with numerous customization options.

Polymobyl presents its three ranges of totems and the services that go with them.

The advantages of totems for your outdoor signage

Thanks to their high-impact, modular format, totems combine information and orientation in a single medium. This represents a major asset in terms of tourist signage, in particular.

All Polymobyl totems are modular and customizable, enabling us to integrate them seamlessly into existing signage. Our printing and cutting options enable us to meet your needs to the full, whatever the site.

We can also combine them with other directional or informative media, such as masts, signs, lecterns or plaques. Based on your graphic charter, we design effective and coherent signage for your site.

Three ranges of quality totem poles

Polymobyl presents three lines of signage supports to welcome and orient users of your site:

  • The ICARE range includes sheet steel totems in three sizes and two RAL colors (other colors available on request). Personalization can be achieved by digital printing, screen printing or custom die-cutting. As an option, we can add protection or a textured lacquer finish. ICARE directional masts can be combined with them.
  • The MASSILIA line includes custom-made totem poles with tubular frames, lacquered aluminum profiles and aluminum composite panels. Brackets are available in five standard sizes, or made-to-measure. They can be laser-cut and printed in three different ways. Polymobyl can print visuals directly from your files.
  • Finally, the LA TOUR range stands out for its two-part design, which helps to clarify information. These totems lend themselves particularly well to the combination of informative and directional signage. They are available in four standard sizes, but can also be made to measure. Finishes include three types of printing and laser cutting. Designed in steel, they can be additionally protected by galvanizing for installation on the seashore, for example.

Polymobyl services for your directional signage

We’re not just a supplier of tourist signage. We’re committed to supporting every customer and every project from A to Z, to guarantee a perfectly integrated, top-of-the-range result.

Our services include :

  • an on-site audit, to understand your expectations and assess your strengths and weaknesses;
  • drawing up a detailed estimate;
  • design of a technical file with plans and sketches, 2D and 3D drawings, technical data sheets to help you visualize the project;
  • manufacture of your directional totems and signage, with your approval for every aspect (materials, colors, visuals, etc.);
  • installation of your totems;
  • personalized support from a dedicated advisor throughout the project.
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