École Polytechnique, the challenges of new signage

The École polytechnique district, a concentration of excellence

A new district, currently under construction around Polytechnique, will soon be the engineering heart of Paris-Saclay. The École Polytechnique district will become a campus bringing together teaching and research activities, companies and start-ups, as well as housing, shops and other facilities for services and cultural exchanges.

This 160-hectare site is located in the commune of Palaiseau in the Essonne department (91), about 15 km south-west of Paris.


Polymobyl helps Polytechnique meet the challenges of a new interior and exterior signage and its implementation.

This is a “preliminary project” to define the main guidelines based on a book of recommendations, to specify the type of media and their information content, and to set up a master plan to establish a budget estimate based on quantities.

How can we make the campus visible from the outside, and legible from the inside, by highlighting its assets? This is the main challenge of the mission.

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