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A beautiful urban space requires the creation of structured areas for waste containers: that’s the role of the waste container shelter, a piece of street furniture from Polymobyl. In addition to its practicality, this shelter is also aesthetically pleasing.

Polymobyl creates furniture for local authorities, offering them a range of urban shelters with modern lines. Discover our product catalog and redesign your spaces.

Urban shelters for garbage cans, furniture in their own right

A key element of urban design, street furniture is available in many different forms. Chairs and benches aren’t the only high-value-added items: shelters also have an important role to play. In addition to bus shelters, a number of local authorities are installing litter shelters to hide waste containers.

Polymobyl, experts in street furniture since 1986, have developed a range ofshelters specifically for recycling and waste bins. Based on a sturdy aluminum structure, these can be designed in a variety of ways to totally or partially conceal the containers. Open shelters, with return or roof, adapt to both your aesthetic wishes and your weather constraints. They’ll blend seamlessly into the urban environment, making themselves invisible yet practical every time they’re used.

There are many parameters involved in designing a shelter. The material’s lightness and strength, but also its ability to withstand frequent cleaning. With its wealth of experience, Polymobyl puts the durability of its furniture first. What’s more, our garbage can shelters can be customized in terms of finish (wood-look aluminum slats, powder-coated steel), dimensions (height or length) or your local authority’s logo. In this way, they become a furniture element in their own right, contributing to the quality of life in urban spaces.

The 25°&Cie line, like Polymobyl’s range of container shelters

The 25°&Cie range was developed by Polymobyl with eco-responsibility in mind. Both the materials and the structure of the shelters in the range play an important role in defining greener urban spaces. 25°&Cie furniture can be combined to create elegant, natural lines for your community.

As a result, the range’srecycling bin shelters can easily be combined with picnic areas, bus shelters or relaxation areas, whether smoking or non-smoking. Create a complete, complementary layout that will make life easier for your users. To offer you the best possible layout for your space, we study your constraints and put a qualified team at your service.

Because the role of a street furniture designer doesn’t stop at creating furniture. Polymobyl provides its customers with top-quality advice to help them define coherent urban communications. Our aim: to convey your values through street furniture and personalize its appearance for you. We come to your community to study your needs and offer you a fair price for its layout. For a modern, ultra-modular product, call on Polymobyl.

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