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Looking for a trusted partner to design your heritage signage?

Polymobyl, a specialist in outdoor signage for over 30 years, offers you a complete solution including the design, manufacture and installation of your signage. Our expertise: realizing what we design.

The importance of tourist signage

Heritage signage represents a major challenge in enabling users to appreciate our heritage at its true value.

Not only does it organize the flow of visitors, it also provides them with valuable information to help them understand the space and its history. It therefore has the power to direct the eye towards elements of interest, while enabling everyone to take ownership of the area and discover it in optimal conditions.

Good signage must therefore be clear, visible and perfectly legible to all, while blending harmoniously into the space.

A wide range of products to enhance your assets

Since 1986, Polymobyl has been your privileged partner for the design of your tourist signage.

We can offer you a tailor-made solution that meets all your requirements, enabling you to enhance your cultural or natural heritage. There are two ways of doing this: custom design or choosing from our catalog of materials, which we can customize to suit your needs and constraints. As far as signage is concerned, after a complete audit to assess your needs, we come up with specially designed supports that will reflect the brand image of your space or community. Our catalog is made up of several lines of products with a refined design. Our lines let you choose the printing technique used for the information on your signs, the color, but also the dimensions to fit your space perfectly.

In all cases, our signage is solid and functional, designed to withstand weather conditions and vandalism, and easy to maintain. We can offer you a wide range of heritage supports: directional masts, interpretation panels, wall plaques, marker studs, lecterns… We can provide you with tailor-made advice to guide you towards the solutions best suited to your space.

A complete offer, from design to installation

Our multi-disciplinary team puts its expertise at your service for tailor-made heritage development. Our many years of experience enable us to take charge of your project from A to Z, while respecting your deadlines and budget constraints.

We’ll start by carrying out an audit of your existing facilities, to better understand the challenges of your space and its specific constraints. In particular, we carry out on-site surveys to provide you with a costed list of recommendations.

Once the project has been validated, our project managers, graphic artists and designers create a signage system with customized materials and a graphic charter to ensure perfect consistency.

The brackets are then manufactured, and we come and install them for you on site, so that they blend in seamlessly with your site.

Polymobyl has designed signage for: the Chemin des Impressionnistes at Montigny-les-Corneilles, the Gorges du Tarn, the 24 sites of Geopark Beaujolais, as well as for Rabat Salé and the towns of Vierzon, Orléans, Dommartin and Ambert.

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