Individual bike boxes: Polymobyl's secure, customizable solution

Secure bike box

Faced with changing needs in terms of bicycle parking, the installation of a Polymobyl individual bike box offers an innovative and secure solution.

Designed to meet the requirements of companies, local authorities and specifiers, our products represent the perfect combination of functionality, safety and aesthetics. In France, where bicycle parking is becoming a major issue, this solution is perfectly suited to the urban environment and guarantees maximum safety for users.

Bike lockers: a secure and practical solution

Polymobyl’s bike lockers are designed to make life safer and more comfortable for cyclists. These closed, secure bicycle shelters offer optimum protection against theft, weathering and damage.

Each box is equipped with an advanced locking system, from key locks to magnetic locks and smartphone locks. The modularity of this model means that several units can be combined, providing real flexibility for bicycle parking spaces.

The advantages of Polymobyl bicycle racks

Design and personalization are at the heart of our secure bike boxes. Each box can be adapted to specific needs, offering a wide choice of durable materials such as galvanized steel and powder-coated sheet metal.

You can choose from a range of RAL colors, or request customized shades for harmonious integration into the urban environment. What’s more, the boxes offer greater resistance to vandalism and burglary, ensuring a longer service life for the installation.

Sturdiness is an essential criterion for bicycle parking stalls. Polymobyl’s individual lockers are designed with galvanized steel structures and reinforced sheet steel doors, ensuring optimum resistance.

Our furniture is easy to maintain and made up of components that can be easily replaced in the event of damage. The adjustable feet of the cubicles enable easy installation on a variety of ground surfaces, without the need for civil engineering work, making them an ideal solution for different types of urban space.

Customized, turnkey service with Polymobyl

Polymobyl doesn’t just supplyurban bike shelters: our company offers a complete service including audit, custom design and final installation. This approach enables us to adapt precisely to the needs of our customers, be they local authorities, companies or specifiers.

Each piece of street furniture is customized according to your requirements and needs, and we can also offer you a made-to-measure layout that can include different categories of furniture.

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