The interpretation panel to highlight your site

Drawing attention to a point of interest on your site, marking out a walk, revealing secrets of history… the value of the interpretation panel in outdoor signage is well established. Polymobyl will support you in your furnishing project with a support that is both stylish and functional.

Conveying information and beautifying the area: the vocation of our discovery panels

Polymobyl has been specializing in signage and street furniture for over 30 years, and offers you top-of-the-range interpretation desks. Located in nature parks, museums or historic sites, they are designed to guide the public and convey a message. Informative texts, diagrams, presentations of local flora and fauna, highlight local heritage with reading desks or tables.

Our team of designers, graphic artists and conceptors will put their skills at your disposal to carry out your customized signage project. Our information media feature a sleek design that blends in perfectly wherever you place them. Our catalog of products is there to inspire you, but we also adapt to all your requests to personalize your layout even further.

Our performance desk lines

Reading tables and desks, totems, milestones, directional masts… Our interpretation media come in a variety of formats to suit all your projects. They are organized around three lines: Icare, Massilia and Olympe.


With the Olympe line, you choose boldness and modernity thanks to a cutting system that plays on color effects and full and empty spaces. Your information system can be brightly colored or discreet.


With Massilia, you opt for simplicity of design. The three supports – horizontal lectern, wall sign and XXL totem – complement each other judiciously and elegantly to provide users with high-quality information. Historical, cultural or urban sites, Massilia products can be found everywhere.

ICARE line

Sober and elegant, the Icare collection takes the form of folded metal plates. With its slender lines, it blends perfectly into urban and natural landscapes. The durable steel of which Icare products are made will patina over time for an ever more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Interpreter desk finishes for durability and customization

Emphasize your region’s assets with controlled signage. Depending on the line chosen, the interpretation panels will be made of steel, composite aluminum or lacquered aluminum, materials renowned for their robustness. This means they meet all environmental, climatic and vandalism requirements.

Customize your space with our personalized range of colors and finishes. All RAL shades are available, and we’ll study any original request you may have.

Depending on your requirements, we individualize the form of our information media and use printing techniques adapted to your wishes, your budget and the environment.

Thanks to in-house coordination of skills, we can guarantee that your project will be completed on time and to your specifications.

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