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Since the ban on smoking in public places, companies and local authorities have been faced with a new problem. Indeed, the well-being of users – smokers or non-smokers – requires appropriate equipment. Polymobyl offers outdoor smoking shelters that blend in perfectly with their surroundings and provide a pleasant place to take a break.

Why install a smoking shelter?

In any company or administration, the harmonious cohabitation of smokers and non-smokers means reserving separate areas for each category. Since February 1, 2007, smoking has been banned in all enclosed public places, including businesses.

However, it’s inconceivable to relegate those who enjoy a cigarette break to the outdoors, without offering them protection from the elements! That’s why the installation of a sheltered smoking area is an ideal solution for everyone’s well-being.

There are several advantages to creating a dedicated smoking area:

  • avoid passive smoking, by shielding non-smokers from the smoke of their colleagues or visitors
  • keep the premises clean, by providing ashtrays for smokers in the shelter
  • not to stigmatize smokers and vapoteurs, but to offer them a friendly and pleasant environment, in compliance with legal provisions

Customized service for personalized shelters

Like the rest of its street furniture range, Polymobyl’s smokers’ shelters meet precise specifications. When you call on us, we come to you to carry out a preliminary audit. We can then offer you a customized project that fully meets your needs.

We design, adapt, manufacture and install your customized smoking shelter. You can be sure of getting a product that blends in perfectly with its surroundings and blends harmoniously with existing premises. All our shelters are designed to reflect the brand image that the company or municipality wishes to convey.

Design shelters for smokers and vapers

From the 25° & Cie range, our modular smoker’s shelter offers numerous customization options. Based on a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame, the three partitions are available in a choice of tempered glass, larch wood, cladding, perforated sheet metal or aluminum. The result is both warm and effective in protecting users from rain and wind.

In terms of surface area, the basic dimensions (3×1.5 m) of thesmokers’ awning can be doubled as many times as required. We create the right space for your needs, based on the number of users you expect.

In addition to ashtrays, all our smoking shelters for communities and businesses can be fitted with furniture such as sit-stand or high tables, as well as LED lighting, to create a truly relaxing space.

Street furniture designed to last

With quality and the environment in mind, Polymobyl creates top-of-the-range collective furniture elements using durable, robust materials. We take great care to ensure the warmth and design of our installations, from the basic concept right through to the finishing touches. All our shelters are designed to enhance the site where they are installed.

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