Scenography of the banks of the Durance


The Smavd development company is building a cycle route along the banks of the Durance.

The aim is to create a tourist cycle route as close as possible to the river, connecting with the major Euro vélo and bicycle routes.

Points of interest are planned along the route, with the aim of (re)discovering the banks of the Durance for the general public.

POLYMOBYL has been selected for :

Design of illustrations, signage and scenography.

Drawing up specifications for the manufacture and implementation of the fittings.

Various themes were addressed:

A theme on the formation of Durance pebbles, from rock formation to erosion and material transport.

A theme on the Luberon landscape and the interactions between the Durance and the Luberon.

A theme on the cistude, a species of tortoise endemic to the Durance.

Polymobyl has designed shapes made from Durance river pebbles (collected on site) which are the common thread running through the points of interest.

This attractive, playful staging had to take account of flooding constraints.

Polymobyl designed self-standing pebble structures that could be moved in the event of high water levels.

The illustrations are clear, attractive and dynamic, with tactile sections.

The points of interest are also equipped with tables, deckchairs and pergolas.

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