Smoking shelter manufacturer: Polymobyl at your service

Since the passage of France’s anti-smoking law in 2006, companies and local authorities have been faced with a major challenge: to create outdoor smoking areas that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

As a leading smoker’s shelter manufacturer, Polymobyl takes up this challenge by offering tailor-made solutions that combine design and comfort. Our products don’t just meet practical needs; they also take into account the visual aspect of smoking areas, while complying with legal requirements.

Custom-designedsmoking enclosures

At Polymobyl, every outdoor smoking enclosure is the result of a complete on-site audit, taking into account the space and specific needs of each customer. At the end of the process, we submit a costed action plan to the customer. A customized study is carried out by our team as soon as it has been validated. This study includes sketches, 2D and 3D plans, graphic guidelines, technical data sheets… No detail is left to chance.

Our smoking shelters for communities and businesses are fully modular and can be adapted in terms of length and width to meet a wide range of requirements. Customization options abound, with a choice of wood, tempered glass or metal side panels, an adapted roof, and even street furniture such as ashtrays and high tables for a made-to-measure layout.

The benefits of a well-designed smoking area

Setting up a smoking area offers many advantages. Not only does this prevent passive smoking, it also helps to keep the premises clean.

At Polymobyl, we don’t believe in stigmatizing smokers, but rather in offering them a friendly, legally compliant space. Our shelters are designed to enhance the well-being of smokers and non-smokers alike.

The 25° & Co range: A warm, innovative design

Polymobyl’s 25° & Co range stands out for its modern aesthetics and clean lines. The mix of wood, aluminum and glass gives the furniture a warm, elegant look, ideal for integrating into any environment.

Our smoking shelters are semi-open and modular. They feature 3 partitions and 1 cover to protect users from wind and weather. You can choose the color of the profiled aluminum structure, as well as the material of the partitions and roof, for a customized result. For even greater personalization, we can also print your logo on one of the partitions, or display advertising under glass on one of them.

The basic module (3mx1.5m) can be infinitely doubled in length and/or width to suit your space and needs.

They can be fitted with an awning and accessories such as ashtrays, benches, sit-stand tables and LED lighting, transforming the shelter into a genuine relaxation area.

With Polymobyl, any company or community can create a pleasant break environment. Contact us today for more information!

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