The second half of 2022 at Polymobyl

Polymobyl is delighted to report that the second half of the year has been just as busy as the first!

A look back at 4 of our projects:

Royal Moroccan Football Federation

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation has launched the construction of its new headquarters in Rabat (Morocco). The building will house the sports organization and will have a Moroccan soccer museum on the first floor. Polymobyl’s mission is to carry out a study of the building’s interior and exterior signage through the following phases: master plan, graphic design and technical description. The aim is to offer signage in keeping with the site’s modern, clean lines.

The Dombes Community of Communes

Following the 2017 merger of the Communauté de Commune du Canton de Chalamont, Centre Dombes and Chalaronne Centre, the Communauté de Commune de la Dombes now includes 36 communes where outdoor signage was no longer appropriate. Polymobyl took up the challenge of creating a homogeneous, integrated signage system for the entire site, including economic, institutional and tourist signage.

Diagnostic signage for the Stade des Alpes

Inaugurated in 2008, the Stade des Alpes, built on the site of Grenoble’s former Charles-Berty stadium, has seen a significant increase in visitor numbers in recent years. To offer visitors the best possible experience, the stadium’s signage needed a complete overhaul. Polymobyl was commissioned to design a completely new, clearer and more functional signage system, in line with the stadium’s growth.

Cycle shelters for local authorities and businesses

Following the massive development of cycle paths in France, many local authorities and businesses are also opting for a gentler, more environmentally-friendly form of transport. With the use of bicycles on the increase, it’s essential to develop the region accordingly. That’s why so many local authorities and companies (Seine-sur-Marne town council, Data4 Group, Safran Group…) have called on Polymobyl to install cycle shelters and other equipment such as VAE charging stations or secure lockers.

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