Totem signage: the benefits of a modular format

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When it comes to informing and orienting the public, totem signage offers definite advantages. With Polymobyl, you can have high-quality, professionally-designed brackets installed, customized to the location in question.

Our team also guarantees full support from start to finish.

Customized totems: showcase your site

When creating
outdoor signage
When creating outdoor signage, it’s important to consider several aspects. The media must welcome visitors, help them find their way around, and provide them with quality information.

Totem poles are the most frequently chosen option.

Streamlined shapes, high visibility and a modular layout for structuring information are just some of the advantages of totem signage.

Our lines of totems for your site signage

The products we manufacture can all be customized to suit the installation site, the client and the specific constraints of the site. Discover our three models of totem signs:

  • the ICARE line, which prioritizes visuals and offers a choice of three formats, four printing techniques and numerous RAL lacquer colors;
  • the MASSILIA collection, which focuses on maximum visibility and is available in five formats, with a wide range of customization options;
  • the LA TOUR series of custom-designed totems, which stand out from traditional formats by adding an empty zone for modularity and information separation.

Signage design: discover Polymobyl’s services

Naturally, we don’t design tourist signage in the same way as business or administrative signage. However, there are some common features:

  • the need for clear guidance;
  • attractive visuals in line with the chosen graphic charter;
  • the choice of high-quality, solid, durable materials.

To meet these requirements, Polymobyl offers professional services for the design of your signage.

Polymobyl, corporate signage professionals

Since 1987, our signage agency has been working with local authorities and contractors to design their media, as well as top-of-the-range street furniture. We work all over France and Morocco.

Depending on your needs, our team will carry out an initial audit on site, to take into account the existing layout, possibilities and constraints of the location. We then submit a costed action plan for a customized project.

Every step of the way, we ask for your opinion, with 2D and 3D plans, technical data sheets and sketches to help you appreciate the expected result. Finally, once all the design stages have been validated, we launch production in our workshops in the Lyon region. Finally, we install your signage.

Polymobyl is not just a supplier of signage, but a partner in the design of your furniture and, beyond that, in the creation of your professional communication. Like the City of Vierzon or the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse, entrust your signage to the experts!

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