TUB anti-vandalism street furniture

The TUB line created for collective environments

The TUB line was created for collective environments. Robust, easy to clean and vandal-proof, it’s perfect for easy, long-lasting maintenance.

It meets the stringent specifications of the University of Strasbourg:

  • The creation of a family of metal furniture comprising benches, stools, tables…
  • Anti-vandalism, anti-roller, anti-graffiti.
  • Seats and trays must be curved to prevent squatting.

The result is street furniture with clean, sober lines that play on solids and voids.

The judicious use of galvanized and lacquered steel rounds minimizes the need for solid surfaces prone to graffiti.

Polymobyl has extended the concept of the “TUB” line to include other functions: A sheltered bench, a tree gate, a planter, a deckchair…

They’re all different, but have been built according to common rules so that they can be assembled together. All modulations are possible to structure the space like a meccano.

It’s up to you to imagine your next piece of furniture!

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