Urban signage to enhance your space

Creating a pathway, providing information, embellishing… urban signage is a major component of urban development. For your project, you can rely on the quality and durability of Polymobyl products, as well as our professionalism as outdoor signage specialists.

The keys to effective city signage

Signs are everywhere in town. They play a vital role in urban spaces, helping users to find their way around or to know how to act. There are therefore two essential functions: the creation of a route on the territory, and the authorization, recommendation or prohibition of actions.

To get these different messages across, signage – whether directional or organizational – needs to be clear and precise. Its effectiveness depends on it. Polymobyl, experts in signage and street furniture, put their know-how and professionalism at your project’s service. That’s why we carry out an audit of your site, before undertaking a thorough analysis of the issues at stake, and proposing tailor-made solutions for an optimal layout.

Polymobyl signage ranges

In our catalog of public signage, we have a complete range of products that will adapt to all the constraints of your space. Wood, steel, aluminum, each offers a different finish and design.


Born in 2017, the OLYMPE range shows a certain originality thanks to a cut-out on the arrows and panels, which creates a play of colors between solids and voids. Another advantage of OLYMPE products is the 4 grooves on the mast, allowing 360° directional display. With space-saving equipment, you beautify the space and make it easier for users to get to grips with.


As for MASSILIA information displays, their clean lines mean they can be installed wherever you like, without distorting the existing layout.

ICARE line

The ICARE collection is based on the principle of folded metal plates that blend in perfectly with their surroundings, and which are designed to develop a patina over time, for an even more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Top-of-the-range urban signage designed with you in mind

The first step in your public signage project will be to think about the route to be taken or the indications to be given, the aim being to make the information legible and understandable at a glance. We’ll then choose the material, print it and install it in town – all in a highly professional, high-quality process.

The materials we use for our signage are chosen for their robustness and durability. These two attributes are essential for furniture that will be installed in the city, and that will have to cope with the vagaries of the weather and potential damage.

Finishes, too, leave nothing to chance and are determined by your preferences and budget. Direct or laminated digital printing, screen printing, laser cutting – we master all these techniques to offer you information media that will enhance your city’s brand image.

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