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As the gateway to a region, airports must be easy for the public to understand. Ease of orientation is essential, as is the intelligibility of information media. Rely on Polymobyl, specialists in outdoor signage, to create effective and attractive airport signage.

The challenges of airport signage

The quality of airport signage is essential, as travelers often find it difficult to navigate through space and understand the vast amount of information available.

This has several facets: a directional component (where does the user need to go?), a situational component (so that he can locate himself in the overall space) and an explanatory component (authorizations, prohibitions and other information). It must therefore enable visitors to move around the airport easily, and to understand the essential information presented in a short reading time.

At the same time, signage reveals the airport’s visual identity and brand image. In this case, it is used to serve the communication strategy and to differentiate from the competition by providing a more satisfying user experience. It’s therefore important to create a uniform look and feel.


Aware of the vital role played by airport signage, Polymobyl pays particular attention to the visibility of information vectors, as well as to their legibility, coherence and continuity. With over 30 years’ experience in space planning and street furniture, we can offer you tailor-made solutions for a coherent signage system.

Following the example of Royal Air Maroc and the airports of Guadeloupe and Nice, you can rely on us to produce clear, easy-to-understand information materials that reflect your corporate identity.

The different phases in designing your airport signage

Before we design and install any signage at your airport, we take a close look at the issues and challenges involved in your project. Whether you’re looking to optimize user flow, improve understanding of the route, highlight the shops and services on offer, or enhance your corporate identity, we can offer you a comprehensive catalog of services.

It all starts with an audit and diagnosis of the airport’s existing signage, to determine its strengths and weaknesses. We will then provide you with a documented and costed report, offering customized solutions to improve your equipment.

In the next stage, our design office, made up of graphic artists, designers and conceptors, uses its creativity to develop the signage design. In our catalog, we present standard references that can be adapted to your requirements for a customized layout.

Then there’s graphic design, to enhance your airport’s brand image. We emphasize simplicity and readability for all.

The final stage is the installation of your signage. Polymobyl federates skills to guarantee on-time delivery to your specifications.

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