All street furniture for bicycles, from shelters to VAE terminals

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Since 1986, Polymobyl has been designing bicycle shelters and street furniture for bicycles. We’ve designed elegant, contemporary ranges featuring wood and metal. All our references can be customized to suit your brand image and the constraints of the installation site.

From initial audit to equipment installation, discover Polymobyl’s services.

Our catalog of products to encourage cycling in the city

Developing soft mobility means making it simple and safe. To achieve this, local authorities and private-sector companies alike need to install communal facilities for bicycles: shelters or boxes, recharging and repair stations, secure racks…

With sustainable development in mind, Polymobyl designs all street furniture for cyclists, including :

  • open bicycle sheds equipped with fixing racks;
  • mobile, frame-mounted cycle shelters;
  • secure bicycle racks with closed lockers for helmets;
  • stand-alone bike racks or bollards ;
  • express inflation and repair stations;
  • VAE charging stations.

Design bicycle shelters that respect the environment

Polymobyl uses only high-quality, elegant and durable materials for your two-wheeled street furniture. Our ranges feature wood, whether local or exotic, from sustainably managed forests. We also use stainless steel and aluminum, which are corrosion-resistant and recyclable. Finally, glass and Plexiglas are used for their transparency and the light they provide.

Since 2010, Polymobyl has been committed to a responsible and sustainable approach, which is reflected in our products. We also focus on clean design, with soft or more pronounced lines, but always easily integrated into public or professional spaces.

Made-to-measure cycle shelters: the turnkey solution for promoting soft mobility

Polymobyl has designed a range ofmodular bicycle shelters to suit all types of project. 25° & Cie equipment lets you create customized parking spaces, from 6 to 20 spaces or more, whose design reflects the image of your town or company.

We’re not just a manufacturer of urban bicycle shelters: we’re a partner to every building owner. From the initial site audit to the design of plans and the preparation of costed action plans, we build your projects à la carte. After validation, we can also manufacture, customize and install your equipment.

Alvéole Plus and Objectif Employeur Pro-Vélo: two support schemes

These two programs have been designed to help local authorities and private-sector companies promote soft mobility. Polymobyl is one of the suppliers selected to provide equipment for bicycle users.

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