Chairs, essential elements of street furniture

An essential piece of street furniture, chairs are practical elements that bring people together in the same urban space. Whether in public parks, gardens or squares, it’s essential that they combine aesthetics with comfort. Seating is one of the most important elements of street furniture, and must meet very specific criteria so that everyone can enjoy the urban space.

How to choose seating for your community? Polymobyl has a multidisciplinary team to help you choose your ideal seating for public spaces. Because residents are the main players in a city and bring it to life, it’s essential to design street furniture specifically for their well-being.

The right seating arrangement in any environment will help create a dynamic atmosphere throughout the space. Indeed, depending on their positioning, city seats will favor convivial group gatherings or create more or less privacy. Trust Polymobyl to design all your street furniture.

Polymobyl, designer of original and functional urban seating

Combining robustness, comfort and modernity, our urban equipment lines feature Polymobyl’s signature design. From straight, uncluttered lines to rounded curves, our equipment is sure to energize your entire territory.

Depending on your environment, you can choose models in bright, neutral or pastel shades. Adapt the materials of your street furniture to your site. Wooden models are ideal for green spaces, and will blend in with places with a warm ambience. Steel, undeniably contemporary, blends easily with any environment. Used in bright colors, it will bring a touch of originality and modernity to your seating.

Our range of urban chairs will fit in perfectly with all your urban spaces. Both simple and functional, this furniture will enhance and accentuate the beauty of a public square or site.

Our team’s priority: meeting customer needs

Thanks to a team present throughout the process, we guarantee to offer you products that not only respect the specific constraints of your site, but also your specifications and budget.
An essential component of urban street furniture, contract chairs are designed to satisfy the needs of users. They must blend in as closely as possible with the structure of the public space. Polymobyl strives to meet the needs of everyday users while offering aesthetic solutions.

Our company is committed to complying with current standards, and takes an eco-responsible approach to reducing its ecological footprint. We guarantee to create seats for your communities in compliance with a series of measurements from the design workshop to the building site. When you choose us, you also choose an environmentally-friendly approach. So get in on the green movement and have your street furniture projects carried out by our specialist team.

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